Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Passed!!!

Yesterday I filled out an application to get into an online animation school. After which, I had to take an exam from a 3rd party source. Just now after lunch, I got an email from the Admissions Advisor of the school that I passed the exam. The next step is for them to assess my application form (tons of essay i had to complete yesterday) to see if their school is really for me. They can only accept 200 students per term so they have to choose their students pretty well. If I'm lucky, I'd start Winter 2008 and finish school after 18 months, which is around Summer of 2009. Wow... ang tagal pa nun!

I'm crossing my fingers... I'm sOOOooo excited about it!!! With this I am stealing this quote from sister :o)

"Things would fall into place if it's really meant to


flowerdrumsong said...

Yay!!!!!!! :) Congrats sis!!! ;)

Cupie Bernskie said...

super thanks weng! just the first step though, they still have to review my application and decide if they want me or not.. so hopefully, everything would turn out good :o)

how's your josh g concert? inggit ako! hubby is not interested with any of those so i have to pass on it every time girly concert tours swing by our area... bummer..

have a good one!!


QT said...

congratulations!! im sure they'll take you in. good luck!

Surfergirl said...

WOW congratulations berns!!! GO GO GO! :)

Cupie Bernskie said...

hello there che, jean! haha, thanks a bunch mga sisters!! i'm just super excited about it. i can totally see me doing this for a long long time, haha!



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