Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hurraaaaayyy for Linkin Park!!!!!

Some 3 months ago, we received an email notification from LiveNation (online ticket concerts sales) for Linkin Park's 2007 Projekt Revolution presale schedule. Got super excited I know I gotta get us some tickets for their upcoming concert here in Phoenix. Sweeps is a huge fan of LP and I know he's going to be thrilled with them coming over. During the pre-sale, I got 2 seats for us, not the section that I would have preferred (pit) but we got some pretty good seats as well because we're right at the middle of the covered arena!

So come Aug 1, both sweeps & I came to the Crickett Pavillion prepared. We filed vacation leaves months ago to see LP in the flesh!!

LP started Project Revolution a few years back touring around the US and Canada with other bands as well. This year, there's a long list of line-up. We were only familiar with a few bands that came with them like Taking Back Sunday & My Chemical Romance. The stage opened at 12nn for the pre-show bands. The door was opened for the main arena around 4pm-ish already. Good thing we didn't get there just before the main stage was opened or else we could have died under the scorching heat of the sun (yeah, we're here in Arizona, remember? haha)

The bands that played on the main stage were: Julien-K, Placebo, HIM, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance and the finale, of course - LINKIN PARK!

I like MCR (My Chemical Romance) as well, they did pretty good. I only know a few songs from them but heck, I had a great time when they started playing on the stage :o)

We have captured a few pics & videos as well. Some of these videos I just got from youtube which were far better than what we've recorded! It was definitely one heck of a concert! I love LP before but I loved them more now that I've seen them perform live! LINKIN PARK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best maaan, the best band ever!!!!

Here's their opening song, One Step Closer:



Papercut & You Live What You Learn:

Don't Stay:

Bleed it Out:

And last but not the least, my favorite song from their Minutes to Midnight album!! "Leave Out All The Rest". It's just too bad we were not able to capture the entire song as we ran out of memory card.


QT said...

that's one cool bonding moment with hubby! =D

Mec said...

naks sis... dama kong hindi ka fan ng linkin' park :p

magkakasundo kayo ng asawa ko at BIL :D

Bernskie said...

yep che, tell me about it! even if we had to be there for like 8 hrs, it was worth the time investing with hubby! we had a blast :o)

Bernskie said...

naku mec, haha, nahawa ako kay hubby!!! but it was great! tell your hubby & BIL to checkout the playlist i've uploaded through imeem. all the songs they played during their concert were there - LIVE! haha. sweeeet!


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