Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Slip!

I stumbled upon this video blog from a Pinay internet celebrity. Oh my goodness, she's super popular in REVVER and YOUTUBE. She goes by the name Happy Slip. I'm soOOooo proud of her, plus the fact that she's a proud pinay as well! Heehee, I just thought I'd share this video of her that made me laugh my socks off, hahaaa! Title of this video is "Boypren".

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Surfergirl said...

berns! haha nakakatawa sya! parang eddie murphy na pinay haha she plays all the roles. galing. but medyo di ko na gets yung "story" nung video? sorry kagigising ko lang hahaha :)

Surfergirl said...

aaahhh ok ok after watching few more of her videos, gets ko na who the family members are. haha brain not working early in the morning. :D

Cupie Bernskie said...

hahaa! isn't she funny?? i think i almost watched all her videos, katuwa! haha!

have a good weekend girl!

Ann said...

lahat ng role kinuha na niya ah. galing talaga niya hehehe!


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