Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bloggity Blogger!

This has been a long due entry...

My online buddy Jean gave me a "token of recognition" a few weeks back... heheeee... thanks girfriend :o) :o) :o)

I've been seeing some of my online girlfriends receiving this cool "token" from their respective friends. I was surprised actually that someone would even think I'm a rockin' blogger since I'm pretty new in the blogging arena... (uhm, less than a year of blogging, not bad eh?) heee!

I got really uber excited when she left a note on my chatbox asking me to checkout her blog as she had something for me... and to my surprise... yey, she thinks i'm a cool blogger (or that's how i interpret it, haha)! wOOOOhOOOO!!! (blushing berns here...)

Well, since most of my friends have already received this cool icon, I'm having a hard time to think who to pass this torch to... I mean in my mind, had these gals haven't received this yet, they're definitely on my list. I've thought about them long before I got it myself, haha :o)

1) Ann
2) Jean
3) Kathy
4) Mec
5) Thet

Also just recently, I stumbled upon this mac lover gal's website and I've been a fan of her blog ever since!!! Well of course she doesn't know I've ever existed but she's one of those people whose blogs that I surely couldn't afford to miss. I really really like her being a techie freak, funny her video blogs, her live stream tv, how she loves apple stuff, smart, funny to top it all off- she's drop dead gorgeous as well! All in one package!! I think she's really really cool! Her name is Justine Ezarik. I really think she deserves this "award" in every essence of it!

To Justine and to the rest of the girls who already got this but are still in my list of ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGERS (yes, those I've listed above), you gals are awesome! Your entries never fail to put a smile on my face. I always just have to take a peek on your respective blogs whenever I get a chance, or else I felt like I've missed a lot!!

To Surfergirl, thanks thanks thanks! You always brighten my bloghopping experience! Sending all my hugs to Canberra all the way from Chandler, AZ!!! Hopefully one day, we'd finally meet! Thanks girl!!



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