Thursday, August 30, 2007

That Blank Page Before Me...

Just now I had a meeting with my boss at work. We recently had a re-org in our department and I now report to him (Yey!). He's one of my favorite managers as I used to directly report to him some years back. I think I've always been a better and inspired PDE (Product Dev't Engr) when I was reporting to him.

The coming months through next year, we would be supporting 2 high-end cellphone/PDA processors/chips which have totally different architecture as the previous products we've had. He told me that I might be doing some Design Eng'g work rotation but not sure. I got really excited, at least this is something totally different from what I've been doing for the past several years.

I also talked to him about my plans of going back to school to pursue my love for 3d animation :o) I asked him to align me to work on something that I could contribute to the success of our team but at the same time be considerate that I would go back to school full time. Of course he's ok with it! Thank goodness.

Next year is going to be such a crazy crazy year for me. With all these things going on at work plus school, there is NO WAY we can even go for vacation :o( We've been planning to go to Europe fall of next year but I guess that wouldn't happen- not at least for the next 1.5 years I'd be in school. Priorities, priorities, priorities....

I'm totally scared of what's coming up. With all these major career opportunities ahead, I wonder when could we ever have a chance to think or plan to build a family. Hmmm.

I thought about that this morning actually. I got up a bit late than usual and I didn't get to walk our 4 legged kids. I felt soOOoo bad about it :o( Then I had to rush to prep hubby's lunch & dinner since he goes to school during Tues & Thurs after work so he gotta bring food with him or else he wouldn't have time to grab something to eat in between. At the same time I was thinking of things I gotta do at work and where I left off with the animation book I've been reading the past several weeks. Crazy huh? Imagine what would it be like if we get to have kids??????!!!!!! GOODNESS!!!!!!

So do I really want to have kids? Maybe. I know hubby wanted to have one or two but not now. Well, when it comes it comes. Yeah, he can say that because he's not the one who's going to get pregnant. Shoot, but then again, what if the time comes and we're both ready and it's already too late to have a baby? Hmmmm. I'm ok with it though, I mean, not having a kid. I really am, seriously.

Naaaahhhh.... I wouldn't want to think about all these today.... things are complicated enough for me to digest - flipping through that blank page before me is kinda nerve-wracking! Now I'm getting hungry... time to go back home and eat something from there... and make some time with the "kids".


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This is it!!!

Dear Winter Student,

After careful consideration by our admissions committee, we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the Winter 2008 term for the Advanced Studies in Character Animation program at!

We are honored to have you as part of our student body and we look forward to helping make your dreams come true.

From everyone here at AM, "Welcome to Animation Mentor!"


The Animation Mentor Admissions Team

Busy Busy Busy!!!

books books books...

work work work...

dogs dogs dogs...

chores chores chores...

truck truck truck...

3d tutorial backlogs...

vid editing backlogs...

podcasting backlogs...

blogging backlogs...


Friday, August 24, 2007

Answered Prayer

I remembered I used to list down all the things I wanted in a guy and mention each of them whenever I pray. I know I am sooo loved by the "Big Boss Up There" whenever I wake up each day and hear the sound of my sweeps breathing... Dang it, too mushy on a Friday afternoon!

Anyhoo, I was bloghopping the other day and I got this from one of the sweetest girl I know- Hannah who is now happily engaged with Henry :o)

This reminded me how lucky I am being blessed with a loving hubby :o)

I want a GUY who calls you BEAUTIFUL
instead of HOT…
who calls you back when
you hang up on him…
who will STAY AWAKE
just to watch you SLEEP…
the guy who
who wants to SHOW
YOU OFF to the world…
who holds your
HAND in front of his friends…
thinks you’re just as PRETTY without
make-up on…
the one who is constantly
reminding you HOW MUCH HE CARES about
YOU and HOW LUCKY he is to have YOU…

who would move that hair away from my
EYES and then KISS me…
hold my HAND in
line at the mall and make all girls
someone who would SING to me
at random moments…
who would let me to
SLEEP on their chest…
a guy who would
get MAD at someone if they called me
ugly or was mean to me…
I want someone
who would call me 3 times a day if he
went away…
someone who would let me
gossip to him and would just SMILE and
agree with everything I said…
he would
throw STUFFED ANIMALS at me when I
acted dumb and the KISS ME A MILLION
someone who would make fun of me
just to make me LAUGH…
he would take me
to the park and put his hands around
my waist and give me big bear HUGS all
the time…
he would tell all his friends
about ME and smile when he did…
we’d make out in the pouring rain…
would never be afraid to say I LOVE
YOU in front of his friends…
and we’d
argue about silly things then make up…
I want a guy that would KISS me at
midnight on new years and count STARS
with me…
who would stay at home with me
on FRIDAY night just to help me make
dinner and watch movies TOGETHER under
the same blanket…
someone who would
tell me I’m BEAUTIFUL but not too
who would make me laugh like NO
ONE ELSE could…
But mostly, I want
someone who would be my BEST FRIEND

Happy Slip!

I stumbled upon this video blog from a Pinay internet celebrity. Oh my goodness, she's super popular in REVVER and YOUTUBE. She goes by the name Happy Slip. I'm soOOooo proud of her, plus the fact that she's a proud pinay as well! Heehee, I just thought I'd share this video of her that made me laugh my socks off, hahaaa! Title of this video is "Boypren".

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Passed!!!

Yesterday I filled out an application to get into an online animation school. After which, I had to take an exam from a 3rd party source. Just now after lunch, I got an email from the Admissions Advisor of the school that I passed the exam. The next step is for them to assess my application form (tons of essay i had to complete yesterday) to see if their school is really for me. They can only accept 200 students per term so they have to choose their students pretty well. If I'm lucky, I'd start Winter 2008 and finish school after 18 months, which is around Summer of 2009. Wow... ang tagal pa nun!

I'm crossing my fingers... I'm sOOOooo excited about it!!! With this I am stealing this quote from sister :o)

"Things would fall into place if it's really meant to

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Making my "somedays" kick off today...

Friday, August 17, 2007

This Song is Dedicated to....

I know somebody who is rightfully deserving of this song by Parokya ni Edgar. Actually, I don't know what's up with her but a lot of people didn't like her. I think because she thinks she's uber pretty and that the rest of the world don't measure. Haaay, I hope I can say more about her but this is something I've been wanting to tell her in her face but I'd rather keep my mouth shut. I remembered she made a comment to me before. She said "Naku, magpapayat ka nga kasi baka mas maganda pa ako sayo on your wedding day!". I told my husband about it and he was furious!! I thought I'd rather maintain my poise & composure at that time, so I just ignored her comment. I know in time KARMA would visit her soon.

To Bax (short for Bakekang as how we coined her), here's to you. I hope you realize that true beauty comes from the inside not outside. Too bad you're not blessed with either of them. I hope our paths wouldn't ever ever ever cross again. A lot of people hate you if you haven't realize that already. Wag ka kasing masyadong feeling maganda.. because you know what?? YOU'RE NOT!!!

Thanks to Wella, I grabbed this link from her blog :o)

Wag ka nang magalala
Hinding-hindi ako inlab sayo
Bakit ba pakiramdam mo pa yata
Lahat kami ay naaakit mo
Miss, miss, pakitigil lang please
Ang iyong pagpapantasya
Hindi ka na nakakatuwa
Ipapagulpi na kita sa gwardyang may batuta
AAaaaa...yay yay yah.......

Hindi ko talaga ma-gets kung bakit ka ganyan

Ang feeling mo ay sabik sa iyo ang lahat nang kalalakihan
Sorry, pagpasensyahan mo na
Mali talaga ang iyong inaakala
Lahat kami ay nandidiri sa iyo
Ikaskas mo na sana ang mukha mo sa semento


Di kami na-tuturn on sa kutis mong kulay champurado
Di kami naaakit sa labi mong garabucho...
O please naman, pakitanggap mo na lang ang katotohanan
Na ganyan ka 'pinanganak
Wag ka nang magpapanggap na ikaw ay isang dalagang ubod ng ganda
Kahit na alam naman natin na ang karakas mo ay ubod ng sama

Siguro nga naman ay may mga mas pangit pa sayo

Pero at least hindi sila nagpapakyut katulad mo
Nakaka-bad-trip ka, nakakairita tuwing kita'y nakikita
Di ko alam ba't ang laki ng ulo mo
Magingat-ingat ka, baka ikaw ay sagasaan ko


Di kami na-tuturn on sa kutis mong kulay champurado
Di kami naaakit sa labi mong garabucho...
O please naman, pakitanggap mo na lang ang katotohanan
Na ganyan ka 'pinanganak
Wag ka nang magpapanggap na ikaw ay isang dalagang ubod ng ganda
Kahit na alam naman natin na ang karakas mo ay ubod ng sama
O please naman, pakitanggap mo na lang ang katotohanan
Na ganyan ka 'pinanganak
Wag ka nang magpapanggap na ikaw ay isang dalagang ubod ng ganda
Kahit na alam naman natin na ang karakas mo ay ubod ng sama
AAaaaa...yay yay.....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

What's in the Box????

WoOhOooO!! Yipeeyayey!!! I got back this afternoon from work and look at what UPS left on our front door??? Nuninuninuninu .... I'm sOoooo hApPy!!! On my way to my first step of making all my "wannabe" list close to reality... heee!

The "box" from Amazon!

Opening it up...

With Chewy in the picture, haha!

The Illusion of Life by 2 of Disney's most prominent animators

Learning Maya8.0 - the standard for 3D animation for Mac platforms

The Animator's Survival Kit

The whole enchilada...

Chewy super bored while waiting for me

I also got my free upgrade of my Adobe After Effects 7.0 to AE CS3 last week!!!

Wow, I'm really really excited. Though it's a bit overwhelming but I've been looking forward into starting & living my "somedays" today :o)

A quoi ça sert l’amour?

In English, it means: "What's love useful for?"

What Really Matters...

A couple's discussion before they're about to go to bed... wife a little disgruntled about her career path...

wifey: "I'm sorry your wife is all messed up..."

hubby: "Why are you sorry?"

wifey: "Cuz I dunno what I really want, I'm confused..."

hubby: "Well, do you want me?"

wifey: "Of course I want you, why would have I married you if I didn't want you in the first place??"

hubby: "Well, that's all that matters to me..."


They continued their small talk until they passed out and the wife felt so much better....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Master Splinter

We just got done watching TMNT when we realized something. Master Splinter's CGI character looks soooooo familiar.... hmmmm.... I dunno, what do you think??? Hahah!


Though I was deeply moved by the heroism of King Leonidas and the rest of the 300 Spartans who fought against the manifold army of Persians (yeah, the movie which everyone has been raving about) - this entry is not about that. Ha!

I was talking about the 300 pages of iPhone bills that iJustine received from AT&T. Well, she's a true blue texter and for some reason AT&T would send out the list of every text message subscribers send out (thank goodness this does not include the text messages they receive!).

I think it's unnecessary for carriers to do that. They should always always insist for e-bills by default. Come on, who needs papers these days??? Can you imagine how much trees we could have saved if everyone do e-bills??!! Duh!

Well I'm sure everyone's been talking about iJustine for days now especially with her iPhone video, and yes, she's a very cool internet celebrity and yes, I am a fan!

Here's her funny video!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Change is Good...

The only thing that's constant in this world is change --- surprise, surprise!

I accidentally screwed up my old blog theme. I didn't intend to change it drastically, but since I didn't get to back it up the right way, I lost most of my previous settings :o(

I realized there's no sense to cry about it... so I thought, it's time to move on to a different look. I found this template from and instantly fell in love with it :o) Reminded me of the solace of being close to the water... close to the other love of my hubby - boogie boarding and surfing along the shores of Hawaii :o)

Screwed Up Blog!!!

Dang it!!! I am trying to change my stupid blog template and now everything is all screwed up!!! Argggghhhh!!

Ok, lemme calm down a bit and will figure something out.

Bummer :o(

Bloggity Blogger!

This has been a long due entry...

My online buddy Jean gave me a "token of recognition" a few weeks back... heheeee... thanks girfriend :o) :o) :o)

I've been seeing some of my online girlfriends receiving this cool "token" from their respective friends. I was surprised actually that someone would even think I'm a rockin' blogger since I'm pretty new in the blogging arena... (uhm, less than a year of blogging, not bad eh?) heee!

I got really uber excited when she left a note on my chatbox asking me to checkout her blog as she had something for me... and to my surprise... yey, she thinks i'm a cool blogger (or that's how i interpret it, haha)! wOOOOhOOOO!!! (blushing berns here...)

Well, since most of my friends have already received this cool icon, I'm having a hard time to think who to pass this torch to... I mean in my mind, had these gals haven't received this yet, they're definitely on my list. I've thought about them long before I got it myself, haha :o)

1) Ann
2) Jean
3) Kathy
4) Mec
5) Thet

Also just recently, I stumbled upon this mac lover gal's website and I've been a fan of her blog ever since!!! Well of course she doesn't know I've ever existed but she's one of those people whose blogs that I surely couldn't afford to miss. I really really like her being a techie freak, funny her video blogs, her live stream tv, how she loves apple stuff, smart, funny to top it all off- she's drop dead gorgeous as well! All in one package!! I think she's really really cool! Her name is Justine Ezarik. I really think she deserves this "award" in every essence of it!

To Justine and to the rest of the girls who already got this but are still in my list of ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGERS (yes, those I've listed above), you gals are awesome! Your entries never fail to put a smile on my face. I always just have to take a peek on your respective blogs whenever I get a chance, or else I felt like I've missed a lot!!

To Surfergirl, thanks thanks thanks! You always brighten my bloghopping experience! Sending all my hugs to Canberra all the way from Chandler, AZ!!! Hopefully one day, we'd finally meet! Thanks girl!!

Happy with Firefox!

Wow, I'm so enthralled with Firefox!!! I know, I know, I'm a bit behind with this cuz sweeps had been using Firefox like forever. So last week, I was a bit frustrated with Apple's default browser (Safari) and decided to end my agony and switch to Firefox!

Hey, what do you know... it's super cool! Super fast too! I just love every bit of it! Plus I can customize it with different themes! Wooohooo!!!

Here's what it looks like now with my Walnut theme. Cool beans!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

More On Linkin Park!

Ha, I'm so happy I found a website where I can share the entire LP playlist of their Projekt Revolution 2007 concert here in Phoenix last Aug 1. Woohoo! It's recorded live.. I think I can even hear my hubby's voice in the crowd, haha! J/K!

I finally got to figure out how to share a playlist from imeem, super neat! Though I haven't figured out how to manage the order of the music per playlist, but yeah, this would do for now.

Anyways to those LP fans out there, here are some of their songs when they were in Phoenix, AZ!!

Woooohooooo!!! Enjoy!

To view some videos we took, I created a playlist from youtube as well. Sweet!!

We Finally Got Our Wedding Video!

O my goodness, we finally got hold of our wedding video!!!! Maaan, it's super nice! What else can I say? We truly love Bob Nicolas and his team!

One of my friends came over from the Philippines for a business trip here in Chandler. My mom asked him to bring the videos to us so the moment we got hold of the dvd's, we popped it in and checked it out! Soooo cool!

My family had the videos since April I think and whenever
I talk to them, they kept on raving how nice the videos turned out. I asked my sister to bring the videos with her when she comes over here for Thanksgiving. Good thing my mom found out that my high school classmate is coming over so she passed the videos to him instead. Gosh, we were super excited of course!!!

We didn't realize the details of what had happened on our wedd
ing day until we saw the videos. Our wedding's super saya pala, haha. Memories started to come back to us as we watch it.

I haven't had the chance to checkout the raw footages that Bob sent us as well. I'm sure that would give us a more detailed info as how our wedding day unfolds.

Let me see if I can compress the whole video and upload it somewhere, haha. It's really really neat!

Thanks Bob, we sooo love the video!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Missing Badminton....

I've been super busy these days I haven't even been blog hopping... I miss my online buddies... I have tons to write about, can't even begin which one to prioritize... oh well, lemme start with badminton...

One of my good friends flew here last week from Penang, Malaysia - Bamboo (he doesn't know that's how I address him when I speak to his fiancee), heehe. I used to play badminton with him when he was here in Chandler last year with the rest of the Filipino product engineers who were assigned here that time.

So the first time he asked me when he got here Monday last week was if we could go play badminton. Wow, it caught me by surprise because I didn't realize it's been so long since I last gave it a whack! I was a bit hesitant actually because I know when I get back to the gym to play badminton, I would see familiar faces - faces who I know must have wondered whatever happened to the hyper active gal who never missed any single badminton session and have now gone MIA for so long. I also am scared that all the techniques and learnings I picked up during training sessions where now all lost and gone. I'm in denial actually that I have no choice but to start all over again.

I used to play 3 to 4 times a week but we got busy with the wedding preps, until a little over a year had passed us by. Badminton was my life outside work. I travel state to state for tournaments and serious training with the pros. I had a personal coach who became a good friend. It was all about badminton for me... gosh...

Last Sunday, we drove further north, 30 minutes ride from our house just to get to the badminton gym. We played for about 2 hours. It felt great! I realized how much I missed it so badly. I was super sore and I was limping as I walk the next day. The following day was badminton time once again so even if I was still sore from the other day's games, we still managed to play for about 2.5 hours. I know this is nothing compared to how much people played in the Philippines, but it's better than nothing :o)

Tuesday night gym is very special to me. It brings so much memories. It's actually where sweeps first implied that he wanted us to become more than just friends 3 years ago. Without me telling him where I play badminton, he found me anyways and brought me 3 red flowers. It was the first time we held hands, haha. As corny as it sounds but yeah, I found it super sweet of him to do that... for me, it's the effort that counts the best :o)

Anyways, going back to my original topic, hehee, I was correct that I would be seeing familiar faces. I've seen how these guys continued to improve and now they're soooo much better in badminton! I don't think I could ever keep up with them anymore at this rate, haha :o)

Part of me wants to go back and continue to get better at it, part of me wants to just move on with the new and more important things that matter most to me now. I know my passion for this sport is always going to be there, at my reach. But I know that I have this burning urge to continue with my other passion of being an animator and video editor for the rest of my days to come... and there's no better time to start doing something about it but now...

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hurraaaaayyy for Linkin Park!!!!!

Some 3 months ago, we received an email notification from LiveNation (online ticket concerts sales) for Linkin Park's 2007 Projekt Revolution presale schedule. Got super excited I know I gotta get us some tickets for their upcoming concert here in Phoenix. Sweeps is a huge fan of LP and I know he's going to be thrilled with them coming over. During the pre-sale, I got 2 seats for us, not the section that I would have preferred (pit) but we got some pretty good seats as well because we're right at the middle of the covered arena!

So come Aug 1, both sweeps & I came to the Crickett Pavillion prepared. We filed vacation leaves months ago to see LP in the flesh!!

LP started Project Revolution a few years back touring around the US and Canada with other bands as well. This year, there's a long list of line-up. We were only familiar with a few bands that came with them like Taking Back Sunday & My Chemical Romance. The stage opened at 12nn for the pre-show bands. The door was opened for the main arena around 4pm-ish already. Good thing we didn't get there just before the main stage was opened or else we could have died under the scorching heat of the sun (yeah, we're here in Arizona, remember? haha)

The bands that played on the main stage were: Julien-K, Placebo, HIM, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance and the finale, of course - LINKIN PARK!

I like MCR (My Chemical Romance) as well, they did pretty good. I only know a few songs from them but heck, I had a great time when they started playing on the stage :o)

We have captured a few pics & videos as well. Some of these videos I just got from youtube which were far better than what we've recorded! It was definitely one heck of a concert! I love LP before but I loved them more now that I've seen them perform live! LINKIN PARK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best maaan, the best band ever!!!!

Here's their opening song, One Step Closer:



Papercut & You Live What You Learn:

Don't Stay:

Bleed it Out:

And last but not the least, my favorite song from their Minutes to Midnight album!! "Leave Out All The Rest". It's just too bad we were not able to capture the entire song as we ran out of memory card.

Desenvolvido por EMPORIUM DIGITAL