Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Freaky Monday

I don't like Mondays most of the time because for me, it only means it's the start of another workweek. However, ever since I was a kid, I have this crazy belief that if you start your Monday right, the rest of the week follows along :o) I know, I know... hahaa. But it's just me.

Anyways, I got up early at 5:30am so I can walk the "kids" to the park. Ever since we got hooked up with Cesar Millan's Dog Whisperer show, we got a bit more responsible with the kids. It's not enough to just bring them to the dog parks every once in a while but they really need daily exercise to be happy. So, me, being the good mom here of course tries to squeeze in my sched to walk them regularly.

About half a mile away from our house is a huge park. People go there to roller blade, walk their dogs, exercise, I even see people doing some yoga or pilates with a group. So from our house I walk them to the park, run and exhaust them for about a round and walk back home. That's usually our regular routine in the morning during weekdays.

However, yesterday morning was a bit different.

As we were walking back home, not too far off from the park, I heard a vehicle coming from the direction where we left off. I wasn't really paying too much attention since I was trying to think of the stuff I gotta do at work. Then when the pickup truck passed by us, I heard a guy talking to me (I assume it was me because nobody else was there) but I didn't understand what he was talking about until I looked up - ready for this? I saw from his truck's window (which was wound down btw) that he was showing off his friggin dick!!!!! Yep, you read it right!! THAT STUPID PSYCHO FREAKED THE HECK OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course I just pretended I didn't see anything. Afterall, I'm sure he's not going to hurt me. The sun's up and I have 2 big dogs with me, so I thought if I just ignored him I would be ok. Thank goodness he was out of sight before it finally registered to me what exactly had happened!

I was going to get his license plate info but I'm near sighted so it's hard for me to figure out what's on his license plate.

I was super cautious on our way back cuz I'm not sure if he's just somewhere hiding. Thank goodness we got home safe. That time sweeps was already up and I told him what happened. He's insisting we should call the cop. I was like, I didn't even see the guy's face (good thing!!!) and I didn't get his truck's license, so what is there to report?

Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty concerned too, not for myself because I think I can defend myself (yeah, right! haha). I am more concerned about the kids in the neighborhood. We live close to a highschool and if some psycho is out there, it's just a matter of time before he'd show up again and maybe find a victim.

Sigh, could this be the effect of watching too much CSI and Cold Case Files? Am I being too paranoid?

It kinda affects me as well though, cuz I've been trying to figure out how could I ever walk the kids without thinking about what had just happened. Maybe this should give sweeps a reason to come walk with us as well, hmmmm....

Freaky freaky freaky....


Surfergirl said...

gosh berns that really is freaky. its really sad that there are sick psychos out there. that happened to me once when i was young--12 y/o in manila..my sister and i were eating at shakeys sa may window side, and this guy just came up and unzipped his pants! the other time naman, i was in malaysia, when i was teaching at this kindegarten, this guy just stood in front of the school and unzipped his pants for all the kids to see! its really really sickening.

Bernskie said...

oh my goodness, that's just so sick- to think that of all the people they could have chosen, innocent kids pa! whatever happened to this world???


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