Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cute Dress

I've been trying to avoid posting some kikay stuff in here just because I didn't want to make it too obvious that I've been super kikay in a lot of ways, haha. But this time, I really can't help it, hahah!

See this dress? Isn't it the cutest resort/summer dress ever???? But for $305, naaaah... I'd settle for those that I can just get from ROSS (yeah, I'm such a cheapskate when it comes to stuff like these, heheheee). ROSS usually carry last season's dresses so they're much much cheaper, some are branded some are not. You'll just have to be patient scrounging around looking for a good find. If you dont have patience, that place is not for you though.

Anyways, I'm turning green here cuz I know I can't have this cutesy. Heehee, just needed an outlet to vent :o)


Surfergirl said...

hi berns! ang cute nga ng dress!!! type ko din pero ang mahal yata!! :D
anyway...just want to greet you an (advanced for your part of the world) HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :)
Hope you have a really great one cause you deserve it so much!

Bernskie said...

hi jean! thanks for the greeting, soooo sweet of you dearie :o)

yung dress super pricey, sayang money when i know i could find something similar but much much cheaper, haha :o)

tgif!! do you have plans this weekend? i am uberly excited whenever you get to post pics of your new cam... galing na ng shots!!

btw, i kept voting for u and ann, haha. i hope at least one of you could win an xshot :o)

QT said...

i love the dress too! if you can buy sing ganda but not sing mahal dress, why buy something so expensive.

i have added you to my links. i often come here via jean. hehehe. advance happy birthday (or is it ur birthday already?)

take care!

Bernskie said...

hi there che!! yeah, i think i found your blogsite from jean as well, haha.

thanks for the bday greeting pala! my birthday is on the 28th pa, but i really appreciate the advanced wishes. thanks thanks!



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