Saturday, July 21, 2007

Birthday Madness!

It's not my birthday yet, not until another week. Ha. However, some friends have already started greeting me birthday wishes and I can't help but feel thankful. I am really really blessed :o)

It's kinda cool how people can make me feel special even if it's not my birthday yet. Even people who didn't even know me, haha, yeah!

Like at the office for example, we have this thing wherein the admins publish the names of the birthday celebrants every month. Our office's caterer would prepare some cake of some sort and serve it after the buffet lunch (and yes, our company gives us free buffet, gourmet-like lunch everyday, cool huh?). For the month of July, we had our cake last Tuesday. Too bad I didn't get to snap a picture of the whole cake pan. However, I took a shot of a slice I took for dessert that day. It looks interesting, but as usual, I didn't like it. It's chocolate alright, but the cake itself is kinda like a pound cake or something. I didn't like pound cakes ever since. I took it home anyways cuz I know sweeps would enjoy it better than I would have :o) Nevertheless, I felt special knowing I got a birthday cake, haha.

This is the list of the birthday celebrants for this month. This was posted by the wall where they had the cake station in the breakroom. After lunch was served (11am-1pm), I went back down to the breakroom and took this list off the wall. Of course I didn't want to leave it there for everyone to see, haha!

Speaking of birthdays, Emily, one of my friends at work, had her birthday last Wednesday. I got her some bday muffin & a balloon :o) Isn't the muffin cute? Hahah, really like it!

Today I also got some cool birthday discount from one of my favorite kikay shops - The Body Shop. Today they had buy 1, get the 2nd one half off. I decided to stock-up on my favorite body butter creams, wooohoooo!!! I love fruity smelling lotion vs flowery ones. So, I got myself some Satsuma (my all time favorite), Strawberry, Pink Grapefruit & Brazil Nut "flavors". Yum!!! Since it's my birthday month, they took off $10 from my total bill. So overall I saved $56!!! Is that an awesome deal or what??? Haaheee!

Since we were already at the mall and I've been itching to get a foot spa for the longest time, instead of going to the spa for some feet lovin, I decided to get this baby instead. At least, I can pamper my feet everytime I want without putting a big hole in my pocket. Last time I did a foot spa, I spent $50+ excluding the tip. So hey, who can blame the girl if she's trying to be smart with money and at the same time didn't want to give up her kakikayan, ha! She has got to be ingenious to get the best of both worlds, right? Smart gal, haha. Anyways, I'm super happy with it and so are my feet!! I got to try it at home just now and it's uber relaxing! Say hello to a more softer and stress-free footsies! Yey!!!

I also got a $50 birthday gift certificate from the skin clinic that I go to, yep, got it from the mail the other day as well. I just gotta phone them up and schedule an appointment :o) Heee!

So, yeah, it has been a fun birthday month so far :o)


aslee nino said...

ay i also want to get myself a foot spa kit. hehe...

advance hapi birthday girl! can i get the exact date pls? =)

Bernskie said...

hi aslee! thanks for the bday greeting girl!! i wouldn't get another year older until this sat, jul 28 :o)

the foot spa kit thingie is just awesome!! but of course, nothing replace those real foot spa experience at piandre or nuture spa in tagaytay, haha :o)

hope things are doing well with you and hubby.

tc missie!!

aslee nino said...

ayan i already added ur name to the birthday greeting list in my blog for july celebrants. have fun on ur birthday! =) take care & regards to ur hubby as well. tc!


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