Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Baby Itch

No, not me, excuuuusseee me. Haha.

It's just that recently a lot of my good friends have started having kids of their own. Online friends I got to know through the course of planning our respective weddings are starting to get pregnant, one by one. I even know a few girls who wanted to have kids soooo badly even if they're not married yet. I'm sorry... I don't get it, promise.

I like kids, don't get me wrong. I know I wanted to have kids of my own as well... eventually. But, I'm just not into rushing things. I always ask my husband why I get to be so different from the other girls I know. Most would want to have babies right away after getting married. I wonder if something's wrong with my brains. Good thing hubby is very supportive of me on this.

It's just that there's a lot of things we both wanted to do before we get to have kids. We want to travel and explore the world, among other things. I mean how often would you have the opportunity to do that? When you get to have kids, your world would revolve around them. They would dictate your schedule, your routine. Maaan, I don't think I'm ready for that just yet.

It's kinda tough here too because our families are far from us, so it's gonna be us and us alone whose going to take care of the little ones. Unlike in the Phils where people can afford yayas or better yet have the lolas to take care of their apo's, haha. I didn't want our kids to be staying at the day care either, like why would you want to trust strangers to take care of your kids? Hmmm.

Maybe one day I'd feel what "normal" gals feel about having babies right off the bat. For now, I'm happy with my 2 kids.... errrr... I meant 3 (Skye, Chewy & hubby, hahah!).


Surfergirl said...

gosh berns i could SO relate. I too, don't have any itch so to speak to have kids. i still have soooo much that i want to do--that may be impossible to do with kids in tow. i also dont get the notion that a couple SHOULD have a kid right away after getting married. in fact, IFFF we get unfortunate enough to not have kids i would be alright with it too. (im not a kid hater i love babies in fact). siguro nga i really am not ready pa tlaga. mark shares the same sentiments fortunately. im glad to know someone who thinks the same!

Mec said...

lolz... at least you know what you're not ready for :) or what you really want... that's really what counts after all :)

i also wanted to enjoy some things first with hubs before we got preggy... which was why i got semi-depressed when we had that false alarm thing last year (because we've only been married for 4 months)...

and we did get to enjoy each other for a while... it's just that we also realized that we're already ready for the havoc caused by kids (and i'd never say that i was ready for the pregnancy blues and woes naman nga, ahehe) :) we're very lucky too that we didn't have to worry about fertility too, having gotten preggy exactly a year after getting married... because some couples have to contend with that when they finally become ready for parenthood...

do enjoy your husband for as long as you want... after all, kids or no kids, he was your chosen partner for life...

eh kids, although we'd be their parents for life din... they'd move on once they grow up... and we'd still be left with the person we married :)

Bernskie said...

wow jean, good to know na i'm not alone with this, hahaha. i feel exactly the same. it's alright as well if we didn't get to be blessed with kids. in His time, we'll see how it goes. tc!

Bernskie said...

hi mec, it's nice to know that from someone who've been there done that :o) thanks for the kind words of advice sis.

funny you had to mention about kids having to move on with their lives when they're all grown up and we're left off with the one we married. cuz i was just thinking about that when i was writing this entry :o)

tc & God bless!

KaThYcOt ;p said...

hi bernz! guess what, that was what we wanted after getting married, you know, bond for the longest time we can, just the two of us..
but after some time you'll just get the calling that you'll soon be a parent to this little bundle of joy. :) and right after that, after completely sinking in our minds and hearts that we are meant to have a baby then we realize that it was meant to be! :)
we don't actually able to explore the world just the two of us...maybe in time, it'll be 3 of us to roam around! :)
i sometimes envy couples who get to have more time together...and that's what we're needing now.. :)

Bernskie said...

hi kathy! i think babies are blessings talga :o) :o) :o) some couples are lucky to get to have kids right away at the time they felt they're ready :o) and it's true that you can travel with kids as well, so some other couples opted to do that, heheheee :o) until that time when we can truly say that we wanted to have kids na, siguro dun pa lang talga kami mag try, hehee. i'm sure in God's time, darating din yun for us, heheeh.

tc girl. thanks for dropping by!



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