Monday, July 30, 2007

Can You Take Me Higher?!

A bunch of our dearest friends and loved ones had been asking us what we did on my birthday. Hmmm. It seems that everyone's expecting sweeps to pull off a big surprise, haha. I promised I'd make some kwentos here but since I'm super busy at work, I'm pressed with time to write about the details. Until I finish the video, I'd let the pictures do the storytelling for us, haha :o)

We had brunch at The Bamboo Club in Mill Avenue:

After brunch, we drove around the Arizona State University area:

Then we had our gelato dessert at Angel Sweet in Chandler - we had to try our favorite gelato. Sweeps ordered a huge cup of watermelon and I ordered a small cup of coffee flavored gelato. We tried other flavors before but it's the first tiime we saw watermelon which is sweeps' favorite :o) Pistachio and dark chocolate are also some of the flavors that are definitely to die for :o)

Dinner at Claim Jumper in Tempe- the only reason we went there was because of the free mudpie they give to birthday celebrants, haha. Food was great and the ambiance was very southwestern-y. I don't eat anythiing chocolate chip mint stuff so when they brought out the mudpie in that flavor, i was sad :o( but sweeps finished the dessert after I blew the candle and made my birthday wish, haha!

This is my most favorite part of my birthday weekend escapade - Video to follow :o)

The whole thing reminded me of Creed's song "Higher" hence the background song for my website.

Thanks sweeps for taking me Higher... on my birthday and every single day you invest your time with me :o*


When dreaming I'm guided to another world
Time and time again
At sunrise I fight to stay asleep
'Cause I don't want to leave the comfort of this place
'Cause there's a hunger, a longing to escape
From the life I live when I'm awake
So let's go there
Let's make our escape
Come on, let's go there
Let's ask can we stay?

Can you take me Higher?
To a place where blind men see
Can you take me Higher?
To a place with golden streets

Although I would like our world to change
It helps me to appreciate
Those nights and those dreams
But, my friend, I'd sacrifice all those nights
If I could make the Earth and my dreams the same
The only difference is
To let love replace all our hate
So let's go there
Let's make our escape
Come on, let's go there
Let's ask can we stay?

Can you take me Higher?
To a place where blind men see
Can you take me Higher?
To a place with golden streets

So lets go there, lets go there,
Come on, lets go there
Lets ask can we stay?

Up high I feel like I'm alive for the very first time
Set up high I'm strong enough to take these dreams
And make them mine
Set up high I'm strong enough to take these dreams
And make them mine

Can you take me Higher?
To a place where blind men see
Can you take me Higher?
To a place with golden streets

Can you take me Higher?
To a place where blind men see
Can you take me Higher?
To a place with golden streets

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Secret to a Lasting Marriage

I got this article this morning from our wedding coordinator I thought I'd post it here. Isn't she sweet?

Anyways, I've been wanting to post something about my husband for the past days and I thought this would be a perfect article to start with.

I've been feeling uber blessed having such a good & loving husband. Sometimes I am guilty that I forget to appreciate him as much as he deserves credit for.

I dunno what's up with him but every single day he makes me fall in love with him all the more. It's the little things he do that never fail to amaze me. Like the other day, we were folding our washed clothes together and usually we'd fold the socks into balls (it's so much easier to arrange it that way in the drawer). After we're almost done with the socks, I had to go to the bathroom and when I came out he threw a ball of socks towards me to see if he could get a hit, then another, then another, then another, then another. Of course after I get to pick up the socks he threw at me, it's my turn to hit him back. It was so funny we're like little kids playing snowball trying to hit and see who's going to win the battle. Haha. It was fun and we were laughing our hearts out :o)

Also, he has his way of making me feel so loved even if I feel like I'm not too loveable at that time. I usually put on this green mask before I go to bed 2x a week. Of course I looked funny with it on me, but he still always kisses me and tells me how much he loves me. And even during the times when I get super grumpy (he alreadt knows I'm getting hungry), instead of him being mad at me with my crankiness, he'd make sure we get to eat right away even if it means that we had to go out to eat. Hahah. I feel so spoiled.

Anyways, here's the article I've mentioned above. I hope this inspires everyone who gets to read it as much as I did :o)

The Secret to a Lasting Marriage: Embrace Imperfection
Deb Graham, Contributor

When I was a little girl, my mom liked to make breakfast food for dinner every now and then. And I remember one night in particular when she had made breakfast after a long, hard day at work.

On that evening so long ago, my mom placed a plate of eggs, sausage, and extremely burned toast in front of my dad. I remember waiting to see if anyone noticed! Yet all my dad did was reach for his toast, smile at my mom, and ask me how my day was at school.

I don't remember what I told him that night, but I do remember watching him smear butter and jelly on that toast and eat every bite! When I got up from the table that evening, I remember hearing my mom apologize to my dad for burning the toast. And I'll never forget what he said: "Baby, I love burned toast."

Later that night, I went to kiss Daddy good night and I asked him if he really liked his toast burned. He wrapped me in his arms and said, "Sweetie, your Momma put in a hard day at work today and she's real tired.

And besides a little burnt toast never hurt anyone!"

In bed that night, I thought about that scene at dinner... and the kindness my daddy showed my mom. To this day, it's a cherished memory from my childhood that I'll never forget. And it's one that came to mind just recently when Jack and I sat down to eat dinner.

I had arrived home usual...and decided we would have breakfast food for dinner. Some things never change, I suppose!

To my amazement, I found the ingredients I needed, and quickly began to cook eggs, turkey sausage, and buttered toast. Thinking I had things under control, I glanced through the mail for the day. It was only a few minutes later that I remembered that I had forgotten to take the toast out of the oven!

Now, had it been any other day -- and had we had more than two pieces of bread in the entire house -- I would have started all over. But it had been one of those days and I had just used up the last two pieces of bread. So burnt toast it was!

As I set the plate down in front of Jack, I waited for a comment about the toast. But all I got was a "Thank you!" I watched as he ate bite by bite, all the time waiting for some comment about the toast. But instead, all Jack said was, "Babe, this is great. Thanks for cooking tonight. I know you had a hard day."

As I took a bite of my charred toast that night, I thought about my mom and burnt toast hadn't been a deal-breaker for them. And I quietly thanked God for giving me a marriage where burnt toast wasn't a deal-breaker either!

You know, life is full of imperfect things...and imperfect people. I'm not the best housekeeper or cook. And you might be surprised to find out that Jack isn't the perfect husband! He likes to play his music too loud, he will always find a way to avoid yard work, and he watches far too many sports. Believe it or not, watching "Golf Academy" is not my idea of a great night at home!

But somehow in the past 37 years Jack and I have learned to accept the imperfections in each other. Over time, we have stopped trying to make each other in our own mold and have learned to celebrate our differences.

You might say that we've learned to love each other for who we really

For example, I like to take my time, I'm a perfectionist, and I'm even-tempered. I tend to work too much and sleep too little. Jack, on the other hand, is disciplined, studious, an early riser, and is a marketer's dream consumer. I count pennies and Jack could care less! Where he is strong, I am weak, and vice versa.

And while you might say that Jack and I are opposites, we're also very much alike. I can look at him and tell you what he's thinking. I can predict his actions before he finalizes his plans. On the other hand, he knows whether I'm troubled or not the moment I enter a room.

We share the same goals. We love the same things. And we are still best friends. We've traveled through many valleys and enjoyed many mountaintops. And yet, at the same time, Jack and I must work every minute of every day to make this thing called "marriage" work!

What I've learned over the years is that learning to accept each other's faults - and choosing to celebrate each other's differences - is the one of the most important keys to creating a healthy, growing, and lasting marriage relationship.

And that's my prayer for you today. That you will learn to take the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of your married life and lay them at the feet of GOD. Because in the end, He's the only One who will be able to give You a marriage where burnt toast isn't a deal-breaker!

Have a great day! May God bless your marriage

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Birthday Madness!

It's not my birthday yet, not until another week. Ha. However, some friends have already started greeting me birthday wishes and I can't help but feel thankful. I am really really blessed :o)

It's kinda cool how people can make me feel special even if it's not my birthday yet. Even people who didn't even know me, haha, yeah!

Like at the office for example, we have this thing wherein the admins publish the names of the birthday celebrants every month. Our office's caterer would prepare some cake of some sort and serve it after the buffet lunch (and yes, our company gives us free buffet, gourmet-like lunch everyday, cool huh?). For the month of July, we had our cake last Tuesday. Too bad I didn't get to snap a picture of the whole cake pan. However, I took a shot of a slice I took for dessert that day. It looks interesting, but as usual, I didn't like it. It's chocolate alright, but the cake itself is kinda like a pound cake or something. I didn't like pound cakes ever since. I took it home anyways cuz I know sweeps would enjoy it better than I would have :o) Nevertheless, I felt special knowing I got a birthday cake, haha.

This is the list of the birthday celebrants for this month. This was posted by the wall where they had the cake station in the breakroom. After lunch was served (11am-1pm), I went back down to the breakroom and took this list off the wall. Of course I didn't want to leave it there for everyone to see, haha!

Speaking of birthdays, Emily, one of my friends at work, had her birthday last Wednesday. I got her some bday muffin & a balloon :o) Isn't the muffin cute? Hahah, really like it!

Today I also got some cool birthday discount from one of my favorite kikay shops - The Body Shop. Today they had buy 1, get the 2nd one half off. I decided to stock-up on my favorite body butter creams, wooohoooo!!! I love fruity smelling lotion vs flowery ones. So, I got myself some Satsuma (my all time favorite), Strawberry, Pink Grapefruit & Brazil Nut "flavors". Yum!!! Since it's my birthday month, they took off $10 from my total bill. So overall I saved $56!!! Is that an awesome deal or what??? Haaheee!

Since we were already at the mall and I've been itching to get a foot spa for the longest time, instead of going to the spa for some feet lovin, I decided to get this baby instead. At least, I can pamper my feet everytime I want without putting a big hole in my pocket. Last time I did a foot spa, I spent $50+ excluding the tip. So hey, who can blame the girl if she's trying to be smart with money and at the same time didn't want to give up her kakikayan, ha! She has got to be ingenious to get the best of both worlds, right? Smart gal, haha. Anyways, I'm super happy with it and so are my feet!! I got to try it at home just now and it's uber relaxing! Say hello to a more softer and stress-free footsies! Yey!!!

I also got a $50 birthday gift certificate from the skin clinic that I go to, yep, got it from the mail the other day as well. I just gotta phone them up and schedule an appointment :o) Heee!

So, yeah, it has been a fun birthday month so far :o)

Andrenalin Rush

It was early Sunday morning sometime July 2005 when I finally decided I'd want to try to jump. I've been wanting to for the longest time but nobody dare enough to come with me. Hubby was able to jump years ago, same place in Vegas. In fact, it's our adrenalin junkie nature that brought us together as a couple. Our journey began with his bunjee jumping story that made me got sooo hooked up with him in the beginning :o)

This video is uber funny I thought I screamed like a banshee, hahaah! Also made me realize how fat I was back then, haha :o) Oh well. I just thought I'd post it here anyways.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cute Dress

I've been trying to avoid posting some kikay stuff in here just because I didn't want to make it too obvious that I've been super kikay in a lot of ways, haha. But this time, I really can't help it, hahah!

See this dress? Isn't it the cutest resort/summer dress ever???? But for $305, naaaah... I'd settle for those that I can just get from ROSS (yeah, I'm such a cheapskate when it comes to stuff like these, heheheee). ROSS usually carry last season's dresses so they're much much cheaper, some are branded some are not. You'll just have to be patient scrounging around looking for a good find. If you dont have patience, that place is not for you though.

Anyways, I'm turning green here cuz I know I can't have this cutesy. Heehee, just needed an outlet to vent :o)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Baby Itch

No, not me, excuuuusseee me. Haha.

It's just that recently a lot of my good friends have started having kids of their own. Online friends I got to know through the course of planning our respective weddings are starting to get pregnant, one by one. I even know a few girls who wanted to have kids soooo badly even if they're not married yet. I'm sorry... I don't get it, promise.

I like kids, don't get me wrong. I know I wanted to have kids of my own as well... eventually. But, I'm just not into rushing things. I always ask my husband why I get to be so different from the other girls I know. Most would want to have babies right away after getting married. I wonder if something's wrong with my brains. Good thing hubby is very supportive of me on this.

It's just that there's a lot of things we both wanted to do before we get to have kids. We want to travel and explore the world, among other things. I mean how often would you have the opportunity to do that? When you get to have kids, your world would revolve around them. They would dictate your schedule, your routine. Maaan, I don't think I'm ready for that just yet.

It's kinda tough here too because our families are far from us, so it's gonna be us and us alone whose going to take care of the little ones. Unlike in the Phils where people can afford yayas or better yet have the lolas to take care of their apo's, haha. I didn't want our kids to be staying at the day care either, like why would you want to trust strangers to take care of your kids? Hmmm.

Maybe one day I'd feel what "normal" gals feel about having babies right off the bat. For now, I'm happy with my 2 kids.... errrr... I meant 3 (Skye, Chewy & hubby, hahah!).

Freaky Monday

I don't like Mondays most of the time because for me, it only means it's the start of another workweek. However, ever since I was a kid, I have this crazy belief that if you start your Monday right, the rest of the week follows along :o) I know, I know... hahaa. But it's just me.

Anyways, I got up early at 5:30am so I can walk the "kids" to the park. Ever since we got hooked up with Cesar Millan's Dog Whisperer show, we got a bit more responsible with the kids. It's not enough to just bring them to the dog parks every once in a while but they really need daily exercise to be happy. So, me, being the good mom here of course tries to squeeze in my sched to walk them regularly.

About half a mile away from our house is a huge park. People go there to roller blade, walk their dogs, exercise, I even see people doing some yoga or pilates with a group. So from our house I walk them to the park, run and exhaust them for about a round and walk back home. That's usually our regular routine in the morning during weekdays.

However, yesterday morning was a bit different.

As we were walking back home, not too far off from the park, I heard a vehicle coming from the direction where we left off. I wasn't really paying too much attention since I was trying to think of the stuff I gotta do at work. Then when the pickup truck passed by us, I heard a guy talking to me (I assume it was me because nobody else was there) but I didn't understand what he was talking about until I looked up - ready for this? I saw from his truck's window (which was wound down btw) that he was showing off his friggin dick!!!!! Yep, you read it right!! THAT STUPID PSYCHO FREAKED THE HECK OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course I just pretended I didn't see anything. Afterall, I'm sure he's not going to hurt me. The sun's up and I have 2 big dogs with me, so I thought if I just ignored him I would be ok. Thank goodness he was out of sight before it finally registered to me what exactly had happened!

I was going to get his license plate info but I'm near sighted so it's hard for me to figure out what's on his license plate.

I was super cautious on our way back cuz I'm not sure if he's just somewhere hiding. Thank goodness we got home safe. That time sweeps was already up and I told him what happened. He's insisting we should call the cop. I was like, I didn't even see the guy's face (good thing!!!) and I didn't get his truck's license, so what is there to report?

Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty concerned too, not for myself because I think I can defend myself (yeah, right! haha). I am more concerned about the kids in the neighborhood. We live close to a highschool and if some psycho is out there, it's just a matter of time before he'd show up again and maybe find a victim.

Sigh, could this be the effect of watching too much CSI and Cold Case Files? Am I being too paranoid?

It kinda affects me as well though, cuz I've been trying to figure out how could I ever walk the kids without thinking about what had just happened. Maybe this should give sweeps a reason to come walk with us as well, hmmmm....

Freaky freaky freaky....

Sunday, July 15, 2007

John & Berns' Suppliers Rating

Finally, 9 months after the wedding, we found some time to iron out our suppliers ratings. We were truly blessed our suppliers executed pretty well on our wedding day. There's a couple who gave us some headaches but they didn't dampen our spirits that day. All the contact details of our dream team can be found on our wedsite.

For our wedding kwento details, pls check this out: Wedding Kwentos

Here are some links to our wedding pics:

1) Wedding Preps
2) Wedding Ceremony Part 1
3) Wedding Ceremony Part 2
4) Post Ceremony Photo Shoot
5) Reception Part 1
6) Reception Part 2
7) Reception Part 3

Quick background about us & our wedding:
- Our theme was "Autumn in Tagaytay" thus the bright colors and all.
- We're overseas couple and we only had roughly 10 months preparing for our wedding.
- We only came back 2 weeks before the big day so we met most of our suppliers for the first time like a week before.

3 - Above Expectations (Highly Recommended)
2 - Met Expectations (Recommended)
1 - Below Expectations (Just so-so)

Peso Power: P15k
Ratings: 2

1) Church is quaint & small, perfect for our simple wedding.
2) We didn't have any problems with them, super easy to deal with.
3) We just sent them all our documents through fedex, that's it.
4) My mom even got a follow up text message informing her that they already got the documents they needed.

1) Not much parking space.
2) Guests would have to take the stairs up to the chapel, so senior guests might have a hard time climbing up.
3) You have to bring your own priest.

Peso Power: P1400pp Platinum Package
3 - for the food;
2 - for the hotel rooms
1 - for their lousy customer service

1) Food was superb, no questions about it. Skyline's their in house caterer.
2) There were tons of food, everyone went home busog & satisfied, we still had leftovers.
3) The servers were courteous as well.
4) Hotel rooms were spaceous and brand new.
5) Just 15 mins from Caleruega.

1) They've changed their AE like 3x in a span of 10 months that we were working with them.
2) AE's were super hard to get a hold of, as in!!! Our coordinator almost moved us to Tagaytay Highlands due to disappointment. One wawie sister (sis Lara) even had to ask her friend's dad to escalate how bad the customer service we were receiving from the AE's.
3) No proper passdown between AE's.
4) You need someone to guide you in or outside the area or else there's a probability you'd get lost.

Coordinator: GETTING MARRIED PHILS (Ms Kutchie Zaldarriaga)
Inclusions: Full Coordination service including RSVP
Peso Power: P45k
Ratings: 3++

1) Professional, experienced, super patient, proactive.
2) We didn't worry about anything during our wedding day because she took care of everything - literally!
3) We got a lot of awesome suppliers because of her.
4) She's mataray in a good way so most of our suppliers were well behaved! It's a plus for us!
5) We saved a lot of money because of her wits! Galing mag-haggle!
6) We only met her 2 weeks before the wedding. Before we flew back, she already gave us our itenerary - timeline as to when and who to meet, all schedules were already set with our suppliers.
7) Either she or ms Tina (her assistant) was with us when we met most of our suppliers.
8) Super honest, even excess bottled water and bottles of wine were listed down and returned to us after the wedding. The leftover food were all wrapped up as well. Every single thing is well accounted for including our accessories at the church. Nothing went missing at all, everything was returned to us in perfect condition.
9) She still helped us out iron things out with some of our suppliers even after the wedding is over. She followed up with Fol so we can copies of our pictures in CD/DVD before we fly back here. She also returned the cakestand for us and gave us the check for refund. She took care of returning the lights & stand for our mosaic.
10) She and her team are all personable and presentable. They were our angels on our wedding day. We couldn't have done it at all without their help.
11) Super patient with me, since I'm super OC. I changed my mind on several suppliers so she had to adjust things and do the talking with them.
12) If there were some glitches in our wedding, they did a great job making it less noticeable for us. She took care of the nitty gritties for us, so talgang hassle-free from our point of view.
13) We didn't even have to worry about drafts for our misallette & program. Everything was done for us, all we need to do is to approve or disapprove it.
14) Since we were running out of time, they were the ones who picked up stuff from our suppliers like the video from imacron, photomosaic, hair accessories, wines, bottled water, etc
15) They text'd our guests reminding of our wedding the day before.
16) They also took care of all the games paraphernalias we needed like garters, ribbons, etc.

1) They double booked that day, so Ms Tina, who knows our account the most was not in our wedding, she's assigned to the other couple. The very minor glitches could have been avoided if Ms Tina was there.

Photographer: FOL RANA JR
Inclusions: Onsite AVP + 11x14 Artbook + Artbag + 2 parents album + Raw copies in CD & DVD
Peso Power: P55k (with OOT fee)
3++ - Customer service, Album layout, Quality of shots
1 - Quantity of Detailed shots

1) One of our favorite suppliers, made us comfy in front of the camera. Very easy to talk to, funny team.
2) Free on-site Moving Pictures AVP including professionally-labeled disk given to us after the reception.
3) We got our Artbook layout 2 months after our wedding!!!! Super fast noh? He did a great job on our album layout, galing galing :o)
4) Unlike other photographers, he was the one who's reminding us to finalize the draft of our album even after we paid him in full already.
5) Raw copies of our pictures were given to us a week after our wedding! Note, disks were professionally labeled (personalized).

1) Although we're super happy that we had a lot of awesome pictures (like 3500+) we didnt have that much closeup photos of the details of our wedding, like the favors for our principal sponsors, secondary sponsors, favors for the suppliers, bridal car flowers. Ang ganda pa naman, we didnt have any photos of them at all :o( I think this is where the backup photographer should come into the picture for those small details. I'm sure we had them somewhere in the videos. I guess it's because we didn't request or specify that those little details are important to us. Maybe these are some of what backup photogs are supposed to take care of. Bummer, our fault rin talga since we didn't request, we just assumed they're going to snap pics of those.

Videographer: BOB NICOLAS
Peso Power: P65k
Inclusions: 3-cams, onsite AVP, Interview with Friends AVP, 3 fully authored DVDs + Raw copies
Ratings: 3+++

1) One of our favorite suppliers. He's really easy to work with, very talented young guy. He & his team worked well with Fol, which was very important to us.
2) We had 2 location shoots for the "Interview w Friends AVP" without him charging us extra fee.
3) We forgot to ask him what song we wanted for our onsite AVP, to our surprise, when they played it at the reception, he used our song "Everything" by Lifehouse. We didnt even mention it to him but he managed to research it. He said they found our wedsite and got the details from there. It could have not been any better, goosebumps galore when we saw our on-site!
4) He's young and has lots of fresh ideas. Our "Interview with Friends" AVP was a hit, very original and we've been getting tons of raves even after the wedding. He was even willing to do some stunts when we were in EK for our location shoot, galing!
5) We got our final video 6 months after our wedding. We haven't seen them yet but our family back home had nothing to say but positive feedback on the videos. When my sister comes over here for Thanksgiving, dun pa lang namin makikita yung videos.

1) We only had some miscommunication after the reception when our coordinator informed us that Bob was asking for the 2nd payment in cash. But we didnt have cash, just check. But eveything went well naman. I can't remember what happened but Ms Kutchie was able to work it out with him.

Peso Power: Secret :o)
Inclusions: Dresses of the female entourage (11 girls including the bride), Barongs for groom, bearers & bestman, bride's shoes, entourage pouches and shawls, arrahae, ring & bible pillows, garter, hair accessories
Ratings: 3

1) My dress was really simple but classy just the way I like it. It comes with detachable train and sleeves. I like the very intricate design of the crystal beading if you look at them closely. He also added this anti-flip thingie on the train so it wouldn't be flipping all over the place.
2) Grabe, all my girls' dresses were just sooooo gorgeous. They all looked like goddessess, no kidding! With the matching accessories from All About Beads, grabs, super pretty talga!
3) All bridal accessories including shoes were included. He made me those flowery beads for my hair, though they kinda looked like star fish on me, but they're not too bad, haha.
4) I only got to fit my dress once, like 2 weeks before the wedding. The 2nd time I tried it, was on our wedding day itself, haha.
5) He's a family friend of ours, he's been doing our formal dress for special events since we were kids.
6) He's super detailed and metikuloso. He wanted to make sure my makeup would go well with my dress so he constantly checked how my trial makeup looked on me, haha.
7) He was there to dress me up himself before and after the ceremony. He helped me remove my veil, train and sleeves during the reception. Super sweet pa.
8) He is THE best in town, we couldn't have asked for anyone else.

1) Kinda pricey.

Flowers: APRIL and KAREN YU
Inclusions: Styling for church, reception, entourage bouquets, flower girls baskets & headdress, bride's bouquet, throw-away bouquet, free loose petals, unity candles and accessories, offertory basket
Ratings: 3+++
Peso Power: P75k+



1) All flowers were just sooooooooooooooooo beautiful!
2) My bouquet (mango callas)... sobraaaaaaaanggg gandaaaaaaaaaaa!! I love it talga!
3) The church was already beautiful, but with the flowers they used, they just made a small chapel looked sooo grand.
4) The guests took home the centerpiece on the tables, they're really gorgeous!
5) Our backdrop was very unique, just perfect for our autumn theme.
6) Super nice gals, they made everything super easy for us.
7) They didn't charge us for the candles & extra designs they did on the staircase.
8) Everything else looked so autumn-y because of these girls creativity! Galing galing talga!!


Hair & Makeup:
1) Romulo Teodoro (a.k.a. Mulan) for Bride and Mom
2) Reggie David for Entourage
Ratings: 2 (both of them)

1) They were the earliest among the suppliers who came to our suite, Mulan stayed with us the night before. Reggie and his team came even before my girls got up!

2) For Mulan:
2.1) Clean-look makeup. I didnt want an updo since super chubby ko so he did my hair & makeup pretty good. I had pink left eye during the wedding and he managed to do some work arounds to lessen the emphasis on my pink eye.
2.2) After every photoshoot, he'd do retouch.
2.3) He worked w Ole a lot of times so they really hit it off.

3) For Reggie:
3.1) Very friendly and affordable. All my girls looked really really pretty.
3.2) Even if we didnt get him as the main make up artist, he wasn't bitter about it. One of his assistants even checked on me while I was being made up and even complimented me, which really meant a lot.

1) For Mulan: He smokes. Not during the time I was being made up but I can smell that he just had a cigarette.

Peso Power: P3k
Ratings: 3

1) Pretty, personable, super nice, super bubbly, good diction!
2) No dull moments!
3) Without her, our party would have been pooped. She made things super lively.
4) We only met her once before the wedding but it seems like we've known her forever!


Church & Reception Music: 3rd AVENUE
Peso Power: P22.5k Ceremony and Reception
Ratings: 3

1) In a short notice, they were able to sing the songs we requested that were not part of their repertoire (Everything by Lifehouse & Rest of Your Life by a Hawaiian group I forgot the name). They sang those 2 songs very very well, goosebumps galore when I was walking down the isle and when we were on our first dance!
2) We preferred acoustic music so they're perfect.
3) We only hired them for 1 hr & 30mins at the reception but they stayed until there were no more guests in the ballroom.
4) Great vocals!!!! Great band!!!!

1) Hard to reach through email. They're better off if you call or sometimes text them.

Invites: VILLAGE PROJEKT (Katrina Valenzuela)
Peso Power: P200/invite
Inclusions: 80 boxes of main invite with entourage page, map & RSVP card. 15 pcs table names, VIP name card, 50 pcs misallette
Ratings: 2

1) Fully customized design, semi-handmade vs mass produced invites.
2) She didn't have a minimum number of orders required.
3) She is super easy to talk to and replies to our inquiries super fast.
4) Only thing was we had to make her change our invite a few times because of miscommunication. But other than that, everything was cool. We had 3 different colors for the abaca invites as well as the boxes. We love our invites and akala ng mga guests we paid 500 bucks for them. Ha!
5) Very flexible. We can request for some design detail without her charging us extra money for it.
6) You are sure that your invite design is uniquely yours and yours alone. Nobody else have it!
7) I think we got a pretty good deal with all the stuff she did for us. Nice naman tlaga our invites, just as we expect them.

1) It took sometime to get our invites done because we had to wait for the mockups and the first draft to be fedex'd to us.
2) We had to specify talga every single detail that we want for our invites or else you'd end up dissappointed. I think this is true for most invite suppliers naman in fairness. Some of the boxes had traces of glue but it's not too bad. I guess I was just being too OC. I just thought maybe it's just part of it being hand made kinda thing.

Accessories: ALL ABOUT BEADS (Liezl Amoncio)
Ratings: 3

1) Her accessories are really nice. I ordered gifts (cuffs) for my girls from her and they all looked really good on them. She even helped us match the accessories to their respective dresses. The photos I posted here show my earrings & cuff and my sister's as well. Nice noh?
2) I ordered 2 hairpiece from her but that time we met her, she only had 1 with her. She made sure that the other one that I ordered reach me on time for the wedding she had drop it off to our coordinator's office pa. Too bad I didn't get to use the hairpiece pero super nice talga. I think it's going to be one of my heirlooms for our kids, haha. The best!
3) Bait sobra! I totally love all the accesories I got from her. Really classy! She's super easy to deal with, she even gave me a bracelet as her gift to me :o) Sweet noh?


Peso Power: ~P20k
Inclusions: 150 cupcakes + boxes with thank you tags + 10" round cake for cutting
Ratings: 3

1) Great customer service. Replies to our emails right away. We had 2 taste tests, first with my mom, sis & bro. The 2nd one, ms Kutchie asked them to drop over some samples of their cupcakes in her office. Bait noh?
2) The cupcakes and the main cake looked exactly how we wanted them. Truly exceeded our expectations! The to go boxes were pretty, best of all they were free including the tags.
3) They're yummy, not too sweet as well. Basta, delish sya!


Cake Topper: ANGELKIND CREATIONS (Charity Rue)
Peso Power: $95
Ratings: 3

1) Very nice lady, excellent customer service.
2) She's very artistic, she helped us conceptualize the look of our topper.
3) In her quest to make sure that the topper reflects the personality of the couple, she would make time to know the couple.

1) I think she doesn't accept international orders just yet.

Coctails/Appetizer food: CHARLIE'S PRITCHON
Peso Power: P6500 (good for 100+ people); price includes OOT fee so cheaper kung sa MM.
Ratings: 3

1) Yummy daw sabi ng guests, appetizer pa lang, enjoy na daw sila. We didn't get to try it kasi.
2) Prompt, dali kausap. Great customer service.
3) Reasonable price.


Peso Power: P10k
Ratings: 3

1) Getting them is one of the best decisions we've ever made. Super nice talga ng effect! The kids enjoyed it whenever the techs blast the confettis. They had to blast the confettis twice, one during our entrance at the reception, the other one during our first dance. The pictures would say it all. Gandaaaa!!!!
2) They were nice enough to give us discounts bec of ms Kutchie :o)


Peso Power: P10k
Ratings: 3

1) We love the mosaic!!!! It's really really nice! Gave our guests something to do while waiting for us, haha
2) Another excellent customer service. In a very short span of time, they were able to deliver!
3) They gave us 2 free manifying glasses for us to keep. They also lent us the stand and the lights for it without extra charge or whatever.


Peso Power: $65/album (we had 2 of them); $35/polaroid cam (we had 2 of them as well)
Ratings: 3

1) We loooove this guestbook. We have pictures of most of our guests in the guestbook and their personal message to us.
2) Guests enjoyed it since it's not a common thing wherein they not only get to write on the guestbook, it has their polaroid pics in them as well, so something to remember talga for us! Enjoy sila posing for their wacky pics, haha!
3) Served as time killers for guests while waiting for us, haha!
4) We never get tired looking at them, very unique talga!

1) You have to make sure you have a designated person for the polaroid camera and another one in charge for passing the album to get them signed in by the guests. For us we had our bridesmaids & groomsmen to do this.

Tribute to Parents AVP: IMACRON
Peso Power: P35k
1 - Customer Service
2 - Video

1) We really wanted a Tribute to Parents video but not the regular picture slides thingie as we get bored by them. We wanted something that has animations and special effects and only imacron can do that among all the videographers we've scouted. The editors worked really hard to get close to what we really expect of the video. Oks naman sya since it's not too much of a tear-jerker but enough to touch our parents and guests. I like the choice of the background music, very fitting for what we had in mind.

1) Their secretary (Beth) gave us headache days before the wedding. We asked them before if their P35k package includes animation etc. They said yes so we agreed to it. It was stipulated in the contract as well that we signed for something that has special effects. Aba aba aba, when we came to their office to record our voiceover, sabi ni Beth, wala daw animations. Special effects lang daw - meaning, animated background. We were super pissed. They should have told us when we clarified it from them kasi kung ganun rin lang edi sana kami na gumawa. Grabe! Good thing ms Kutchie talked to Dominic (the owner) and in turn, Dom talked to us. He's ok naman, he understood what we wanted. Our recommendation is if you really wanted a clear-cut-straight-to- the-point-hassle-free transaction, go talk to Dom not with Beth. Imbyerna. Harummpfff!

Lights/Sounds: SENSITIVITY
Peso Power: P22.5k
Inclusions: Lights, sound system, bubble machine, smoke machine
Ratings: 3

1) Ms Kutchie dealt with them so very minimal lang interaction namin with them until maybe a day before.
2) They work well with 3rd Ave so that's definitely one less thing to worry about.
3) They played all the songs we requested, everything based off cue ni Ms Kutchie, ang galing ng teamwork nila!
4) Bubbles and fogs were additional cool effects to the feel of our wedding.


Peso Power: P7,500
Inclusion: E300 Benz, driver, gas.
Ratings: 1

Comments: We're not really too particular with the bridal car, it's the least of our priority actually so we opted for the average Benz available. The driver's prompt, mabait naman. However, the thing that pissed us off was that when we were heading to the church, the driver cannot find it's way outside canyonwoods. Maaan, my mom's freaking out (thank goodness I was calm). We were just expecting that the driver could have been proactive enough to remember the way out since he was able to find the hotel. Plus he charged us an extra P1000 kasi we exceeded daw the 3-hr time limit or something like that. Whatever. Basta we didn't like them.


Favors and other paraphernalias: DIY
Autumn cocoa jar, kissing bells, gifts for suppliers.
Ratings: 3+++++++++++++++

Comments: Of course, they're all labor of love. We did the bottling & sealing of the cocoa mix. We had to buy the bottles from here, get some swiss miss cocoa and sealed 150 bottles ourselves! Same with the kissing bells, super labor of love talga.

Wedding Resources: WEDDINGS at WORK:
Ratings: 3+++++++++++++++

Comments: We're always going to be grateful with this group. I don't think I could ever let go, haha. See, it's been 9 months na but I still check the threads once in a while. Super best thing that ever happened was I gained a lot of online buddies who were there during the ups and downs of the wedding preps. So glad that we haven't lost touch with some of these awesome gals. I would always treasure the camarederie. Thanks thanks thanks to everyone - Ms Benz & Sir John, super thanks for all the help!!!

Prenup Pictures: PAUL and IVY DELOS REYES
Ratings: 2
Comments: Oks naman sila Paul & Ivy, very kenkoy and we felt super at ease agad. We had so much fun sa EK during our prenup! We love the pictures. The only thing about it was when we got our photos, talgang raw sya, not edited. Maybe talagang ganun since we only had our prenups like a little over a week before our wedding. Another thing pala, he charged us OOT fee even if hatid sundo namin sila sa Makati. I was waiting for him to waive it but he didn't say anything. So di nalang ako nagsalita. Maybe I should have asked.

Rehearsal Dinner: ANTONIO'S
Ratings: 3+++
Comments: We had some sorta rehearsal dinner at Antonio's so our parents could meet one of the ninong/ninang couple who came from the states. Plus we want to personally thank our entourage. No time na kasi to thank them after the wedding, so we arranged some get together dinner before we checked-in sa Canyonwoods. Super goood food grabe!!! Plus the ambiance, super nice! Di kami napahiya, such a great place to dine in!

Cake for rehearsal dinner: ALEX FRANCO
Ratings: 3+++
Comments: Need I say more? Super duper duper bait ni sir Alex. I called him up a week before the rehearsal dinner and he told me he can make a single layered cake for me. Even if he was super busy with weddings then, he still entertained our request, grabe. He said since it's not really a wedding cake, he gave it to us at an incredibly reasonable price. Super yummy ng cake, as in kakaiba. We had leftovers pa nga since it was kinda big. It was deeeeliiisssh talga!!

Ratings: 3+++
Comments: Super nice this place. The crew's awesome, very courteous! We love our cottages and the scene's really nice! Not too crowded rin. They have buffet breakfast & dinner so it saved us a bit. Bohol in general is a good place to relax. The people are super friendly. They are very well informed, I think they're honing the place talga to be one of the tourist attractions sa Pinas. 4 days in Bohol was such an awesome experience!!!

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