Saturday, June 2, 2007

Things Happen For A Reason

I know I know... sounds too cliche isn't it? I just can't help to write something about it since it's timely for a few people I know. I might be able to share a bit of hope for those who might bump into my blog who share similar situation.

A good friend of mine, HN, at this very moment, is on his way back to Malaysia after his 3-month stint here in Chandler. He's really really sad because he is leaving behind the love of his life, H. Sounds familiar for some reason :o)

Anyhoo, when HN came here, he was single and unattached. H was seeing another guy. HN & H were friends waaaaaay back when both of them were in the Phils. They've been bf/gf since their elementary days though HN was in Manila and H was in Mindanao. Well, long distance relationships back then were kinda hard to maintain (no cell phones, no emails, no video chats, no skype, just pretty much phone & snail mail). So go figure. Yep, they've already broken up like 9 yrs ago and moved on. HN got a job offer in Malaysia & H migrated to the States.

Both of them kept in touch though. So whenever HN comes over to the States, he would find time to visit H and her family in Sacramento. So his short trip here in Chandler for this year is not an excemption. One weekend, HN decided to visit H & her family again and drove from Chandler to Sacramento (crazy guy!) When he came back to Chandler, he has a different glow on his face. He looked really really happy. Then he told me the story.

He said that for some reason he can't explain, there were just sparks all over and it just felt soooo right this time. It hit him so hard that he realized he finally found what he's looking for. H is his "home". No one else even come close. That was sometime first week of April.

He said now he knows the reason why he was sent here in the States for some training - he found his way back to H. It was not part of his plan, it just happened. He was trying to analyze how come they didnt get back together last year when he still goes over there to visit her and her family. Then he realized that back then, he didn't know how he could come back here since he was carrying an L1 visa which would expire when he's done with his project. For some reason this time, the visa stamp he got was a 10-yr multiple entry (another sign?). So he can come back anytime he wants.

He said he always felt sooo miserable whenever he had to leave her behind ever since they were younger. But he knows this time it's different now that he has a little more control- time to end their agony. Now that coming back here is no longer a hindrance, he already has plans to fly back this August and on December. And yes, they're getting married next year. We're soooo happy for them!!! After only 3 months of being "official bf/gf" they're already getting married!!!

One classic example that proved my theory again ---- when guys are super sure that they already found the right girl, they wouldn't have to wait for ages to marry her. My hubby & I have only known each other for like, 8 months when he proposed. One of my bestfriend's parents only knew each other for a week (!!!!!!!!) - and yes, they're still happily married after 35 years! So, I'm not really a fan of long engagements. Been there, done that, didn't work, waste of time.

Did I just digress? Hahah.

Anyhoo, there are times when we have tons of questions in our mind and we're trying to figure out why things are happening to us. Well, based on my personal experience, answers not always come during the time that we're looking for them. God would let us go through the journey and only by doing so, we'd find the answers we've been looking for. He has a grand plan for us that our reasoning is way too limited- God's master plan is waaay beyond human reason. In time we'd understand why.

Not too long ago, I had gazzillions of questions myself - why this, why that? Now I know why. I am thankful to Him that He lead me to where I am right now.

If you're in a situation that you're still trying to find answers to, well my friend, have faith and pray hard. God is good and in His time, you'd get your answer, afterall, things happen for a reason.


Annie Rose said...
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Annie Rose said...

Ah talaga? wow! They must be really MFEA. :) I like stories like that... ang cute! Gives hope to everyone who is starting to think that they will never find the person they are meant to be with. All I can say for now is - think of happy thoughts. :)
Lolokohin ko nga yun pag nagkita kami dito.

Annie Rose said...

Oh and by the way, I also don't believe in long engagements anymore!!! (haha - guess it really comes with the experience!) blah blah blah.

Ma Florinda said...

i think time is not the solely basis... i still believe that the right person will the right situation and at the right time :p


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