Saturday, June 23, 2007

I Heart U

Setting: Husband comes home from work. Wife opens the door. Husband hands over an empty bag of chips to the wife.

Hubby: "I got this for you, open it" - (kissed the wife)

Wifey: "Huh, what's this? It looks empty" - (with a perplexed look)

Hubby: "Just open it..."

Wifey: (Smiling as she saw what's in it)

Hubby: "I was eating chips during breaktime and I saw this. I thought I wouldn't want to eat it cuz I want you to have it"

Wifey: "Awwww.... thanks sweeps. I heart you"

So, wondering what's in it? Soooo corny but I find it super sweet of him, heheeeee :o)

Good thing I didn't like potato chips in general, moreso Jalapeno flavored ones. Or else, I would have ended up munching the thing. Haha. Goodness, my husband is full of corn but he just know me too well - melted me right away! Suuuwwweeeeeet!


Annie Rose said...

aaaawwww... i could have melted too if i were in your shoes! did you know there was a heart shape formed in the bottom of my coffee? hehehe.

Bernskie said...

saan na?? you should have taken a snap of it! :o)

Annie Rose said...

meron sa album ko sa facebook (Saturday Night Mass)! pero mahirap sya makita. Check mo. =)

flowerdrumsong said...

Whoa - that's so cute and so sweet!!! :) Thanks for sharing!


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