Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dirty Dog Wash Day!

It's Saturday morning and we had to force our butts to get up early. Skye and Chewy are going to the 2nd Annual Dirty Dog Wash Day! Time to socialize with other stinky dogs and mutts, hahaha!

I had Skye with me and hubby had Chewy. I went to the registration table to sign the kids up for a bath. Hubby and Chewy were behind us. The lady on the table noticed Chewy coming close and she babbled "Wow, look at that big one coming!". I was like, "Yeah, hahaha, it's mine as well". She just smiled at me as I gave her our "donation".

It's funny I didnt expect that much people. There's even some TV coverage, haha, aint it cool?

Doggie treats were all over and there's some complimentary snacks for their humans as well, hahaa! They were also selling doggie accessories and all. We're not fans of those cuz our kids are both on the bigger side, so none of those would actually fit them. Chewy sometimes get to wear sweeps' shirt and it fits him pretty well. Yeah, that's how huge he is!

Anyhoo, when we went to the area where they wash the dogs, Chewy, being next in line was throwing some tantrums. I guess he's scared and confused what's going on with all these people and dogs. He barked at some of the volunteers who wash the dogs - not growled, just barked to scare them off. I guess he didn't want any wash nor he didnt want any stranger touching him at that point. He ended up not being washed :o( That means I gotta give him a bath tomorrow on my own. Bummer!

Skye on the other hand, did pretty well. She was scared to death at the beginning and didnt want to jump in the tub. But I kept on praising her and I was petting her the whole time while the 2 volunteers gave her a refreshing bath! I'm so proud of her, haha.

Here are some photos I took. It's kinda hard since I had Skye with me. I should have taken more pics but I just didnt get a chance to roam around. Well at least next year, we know what to expect. Heehee.

Sweeps & Chewy

Soggy Doggie

Chew-Chew & Skye


Annie Rose said...

OMG - they are ssooooooo cute!!!


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