Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Without passion, what's the sense?"

I read this quote from somewhere and ever since it just got stuck into my head. I thought, hmmm, I could definitely use this quote as a reminder to myself that life is too short to be wasted on things that didn't matter to me as much. What am I really so passionate about?

With every twist and turns that I took, every mistake, every risk, I found myself realizing that all things are supposed to happen as they were intended to happen. Back in 2002, the product I was supporting for 3 yrs didn't get to startup in the Philippines, instead, we had to do the start-up in Penang, Malaysia. There, I get to meet these guys from Intel Philippines who were also relocated in Penang. I get to hangout with these guys (who I still consider my very very dear friends to this moment). I became "one of the guys". I learned how to appreciate gadgets, cameras, videos, etc etc. Until one day, I found myself liking... errrr... loving video editing. I'm really super thankful for "The Pilyos Inc" cuz without them, I wouldn't have tapped into this hidden passion of mine. These guys had so much impact to my life that they could ever realize. Thanks guys, you know who you are :o)

I didn't really get into it until just recently, when hubby gave me my iMac, that's when I kinda started giving it some time and a little focus. I mean, i used to just use simple no-brainer softwares like Photodex & Windows Movie Maker, hahaha :o)

Anyways, yesterday was Ralph's wedding. For the past several weeks, I've been trying to finish this video I wanted to give him as my wedding gift to him so he could surprise his wife-to-be. When I showed him this video last Thursday, he was super happy and amazed and thankful that he hugged me as he was really touched by it. It felt dang good - being able to connect to other people's emotions through something I did that didnt even felt like work for me! I know this is something I could do for the rest of my life. After several weeks of sleepless nights, it's all worth it... yep, it's all worth it.

So, just want to share the photomontage i did for them. It looks a bit amateur-ish, but it's pure labor of love so I'm proud of it.

Oh, I wouldnt have done this without the patience of my ever loving hubby, who stayed up with me during those late hours to encourage me when I was losing my patience on getting it to work. He was the one who did the sound effects on this video :o) Thanks sweeps!

Anyhoo, here you go. Sorry it's a bit pixelated (duh, is that even a word?) since it was compressed for easy web upload :o)


Annie Rose said...

This is nice! Almost similar with the one you had in your own wedding... Well yeah - looks amature because you have the same templates for certain periods - but good enough for a beginner. Go girl! :)

Huwaaa - I think the phrase you put there struck me hard too... I really need to get started with my travel agency! =)

Bernskie said...

thanks thanks :o)

take it easy, just take things one small step at a time :o)

for now, here's a toast for our jobs that we truly love so they don't feel like work at all and to those jobs that suck all your energy but pay all the bills!

cheers sistah! :o)

ate lot

Ma Florinda said...

good job! two thumbs up from me ;)

haha! :p i agree dun sa jobs that suck all the energy but pay the bills.
at least you both know what you want to do so you're on the next step on taking the action on doing it.

in my case, im not yet decided hehe
hopefully, i can figure it out soon.

neng, goodluck sa travel agency! :)

ate lotlot, sa wedding namin gawa mo din kami hehe ;p

miss u both!

Bernskie said...

syemps naman florskie, no need to ask... hehehe, medyo nag start na nga ako mag-isip ng story line ng sa inyo ni bong e, hehheee.

dont worry about trying to figure out what you really wanted to do. sometimes our experiences in life would lead us to it :o) for now, enjoy every opportunity that comes to your way. and pray hard that He would guide you and reveal His plans for you :o) trust in Him dearie, he never fails :o)

miss you na rin... pati si bongsters di ko na e-email. paki hug na rin lang ako kay mamsy... mukhang tampuputs pa sakin e. haha. haaay, so hard to bring up your own parents talga, hahaah :o)

ate lot

Surfergirl said...

berns!! wow galing mo naman! the video is so cute :) mag start ka kaya ng videography business jan?? :)
its me jean, just using my blogger account :)

Bernskie said...

hi there jean!! thanks thanks thanks! i was really thinking of putting up some mini-business, a bit of a sideline during my free time, heeeheee. i'm really excited about it :o)

how are you doing girl?? how's OZ? i know it's wintertime down there. here it's scorching HOT! tough to walk our 4-legged kids in the afternoon, haha.

hope everything's doing great from your end. tc girl!


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