Monday, May 14, 2007

My Family's Adventure...

Yeah, in Singapore and Malaysia. I've been trying to export it to a decent format but this is what I got for now... for some reason, the compression is a bit screwed up that's why the quality of the video's really bad. Anyhoo, I'd upload a better quality video tom.

I used ATC's "Around the World", another trance-ish music. I set my heart into using "Candy in the Sun" that I got from my brother, but the audio is not synch'ing properly with the video. Bummer.

Haay, missing my family na.. sweeps and I missed this trip with them... oh well, maybe next time... at least they had a blast naman.. hahah! So here goes the first spin...


Surfergirl said...

hi berns! wow galing naman! kinareer mo na talaga yung hobby mo of videography! :) who knows someday you can make a business out of it :) hey i love 'candy in the sun' din!! its such a happy happy music :)
thanks for the message regarding tofu. and thanks for the headsup about the dog food scare. do you know what brand of dog food it was?
anyway i agree with you. dog owners deserve to be greeted a happy mothers day as well! :)

Bernskie said...

hi there jean!! thanks :o) i am hoping that this hobby would kick-off into something later on, heheee :o)

how are the 2 little furballs doing so far?

i usually get the latest updates about the pet food recall from they have some pretty useful links of which products are affected. hope this helps a bit.

oh, finally i got a better version of "candy in the sun", heheee. i just started re-doing the video for the nth time, haha! it's a very happy song, too good not to be able to use it for this kinda stuff, haha :o)

tc girl. hope things are well! mwah!


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