Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Better Half

What's up with my husband? Some days I just feel like I didn't want anything to do with him and some days I feel like a teenager again on a high, head over heels in love with him (with matching heart-shaped eyes, mind you!)... is there anything wrong with me? I'm really mystified.

Everytime I get so mad at him, my first defense is clamming up, trying so hard to maintain my composure and not burst up (I didn't want to look pathetic of course). At the back of my mind I'm already formulating what to say and my strategies on how to make my point so it's clear what the issue is all about. So I had to wait for a few hours stitching into my head what I got to say, thinking what makes sense and what doesnt, etc.

I think my husband has a radar of some sort. Or maybe I'm not that good at hiding what I feel whenever I'm upset so he could be sensing something's not right. So, after I get to calm down a bit and ready to say what I feel, that very same time, same same moment, he'd be doing things that would make my heart melt like milk chocolate under the AZ heat!!! Arggghhh!!

Suddenly, he'd be super duper sweet, would tell me how much he loves me and would tell me how cute I am (okay, I don't need you to protest against that last one, haha!) Or, he'd clean up the yard, wash the dishes, shave his 5-day-old beard, walk the dogs, bring me a cup of water... etc etc etc...

So before I can open my mouth and start my well-thought-of-argument-and-hubby's-supposed-to-be-debacle, suddenly to me he'd look like 10 times more charming as ever!!! I fell in his trap again! You know that Puss-n-Boots signature pathetic look from Shrek???? How can you resist that kinda look??? Argggghhh!!!

Now I'd forget what I was upset about... and we end up not talking about it and the problem won't get resolved. Bummer.

Bolero kasi. Or maybe he just know me well enough that he knows my weaknesses and such. Or, it could be that madali lang talga ako mabola. Am I too gullible????

Now I'm looking at him across the room, he's sitting in front of his computer, with his 2-day-old-scraggly-looking-beard, with his poofy hair, wearing his worn-out shorts and clark-kent-like-plain-white-shirt... and i feel like hugging him at this very moment because he looks soooo dang cute to me.

Yeah yeah yeah... fine. What am I to do? Haller, I'm just a girl!! He had me at "Good morning my cupie, I love you!".



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