Monday, May 14, 2007

Hurray PHOENIX SUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, I don't get to watch every game during the playoffs, but maaaan, tonight's adrenalin on the court was way over my head during the 4th quarter!!! The SUNS were lagging by 11 points, if I remembered it correctly. Then last minute, they gained their lead... and they won!!!!!!! 104-98 agains the SPURS! Har!

It's even at 2-2. The 5th game's going to be this Wed here in AZ! I'm sure everyone's anticipating this game. Heee!

GOOOO SUNS!! Steve Nash, what are you??? Kudos maaan! Job well done!!

Ok ok ok, let me get back to my video editing... I'm cramming for my friend's June 9 wedding. Dang it, I'm slow!



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