Friday, May 11, 2007

Conan is Hilarious!!!!

This made me laugh my heart out, hahaha!! I'm not missing my cubicle at Intel at all, hahahah!!!

I love the part where he took the kids to one of the cubicles... sooooo true! This is really really hilarious!!!


Annie Rose said...

haha - yeah this hilarious!
but i kinda miss my cube there - with my own headset, replicator, docking station and especially my ergo chair! i dont think the poles are funny though, i love them! kasi in my current workplace, there's no location identifier! like duh - the office area is so big and they always tell me to look for them in the 6th floor - like haller where in the 6th floor?!

Bernskie said...

haha, yeah i know!!! tell me about it!

isn't it ironic? we were actually "spoiled" by intel in one way or another. hahaa, but it's ok though... at least now we know what's like outside the walls of intel... hahaha :o)

definitely no regrets! :o) i'm sure you feel the same way, right? hehehe... u know what i'm talking about, right? hahaah.. j/k!

Annie Rose said...

hahaha - you are funny!
but seriously, i think there is another reason why I got here.

Let me walk you through:
(1) Remember how amazed I was when the agent called me up in my cell for an interview and she told me she has been calling me for days but can't contact me because the number is incorrect. She called home and Bong gave her my number. I looked at my resume and saw I had the wrong cell number there - but she was still able to get hold of me for an interview. Then the rest is history.
(2) I was supposed to go to Israel for another business trip that Friday the same time as when the agent will call me for the results. My boss then asked me to push out my trip so we can have the proper passdown of my deliverables. I was so relieved! Then just when I was driving to watch a movie with my friends, the agent called me and told me they decided to hire me!

omg - I didn't realize before that those things are really just to prep me for something that is supposed to happen. makes sense does it? well i hope it does. coz it does makes a LOT of sense to me. :)

Bernskie said...

i think in some ways, our paths are similar. u know why? before i joined our department (CHG), i was contemplating if I should have waited for the offer of the other group (chipsets PDE) since I really like the job opportunities there better. I prayed sooo hard but their offer didnt come until after 1 day I accepted the offer from CHG. had i chose to be with chipsets PDE group, i wouldnt have been sent for an assignment here in arizona. i wouldnt have met john... well, i say, the rest is history.

i think God has better plans for us, sometimes it's too big for us to understand or even interpret. i never ever doubted God's plan for us. He always could turn some miracles out of adversities.

i'm positive at this very moment, He's working on his miracle for you :o)

hahaha... basta keep on praying and keep your faith in Him.

ate lot


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