Friday, April 6, 2007

We're Back!!!!!

.... after being too busy editing the video for my first official client
.... after our 2nd yr civil wedding anniversary
.... after our 4 day trip to Oregon
.... after planning a baby shower party for my best friend
.... after throwing a surprise birthday dinner for sweeps
.... after officially moving to our new office building
.... after a month of being pet parents to chewy who sheds hair like nobody's business!
.... after the pet food recall scare
.... after the false-alarm-of-being-pregnant-for-the-nth-time hiatus! --> stressed me out the most!!!

whewww, yeap, we're definitely back!!!

i miss blog hopping, i miss my online friends, i miss my books, i miss going to the gym!

we have tons of stories to share, we have tons of cool pictures to post... so stay tuned!


Ann said...

Definitely you are missed ... maggegeneral cleaning din kami ni hubby today hahaha.


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