Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sweepie's Birthday

Here's one pic that we had :o) Grabe, ang tabachingching ko na talga. But, still loving my hair :o)

We had dinner at Roy's (Hawaiian Fusion). It's a bit on the high end among Hawaiian restaurants that I know. Booked it a few weeks back before sweeps' birthday. It was a surprise dinner I arranged for him. Well, not exactly. I already told him I'm taking him out on a dinner date but he doesn't know where. So, technically, it's no longer a surprise... I'm bad at it kasi, heee.

The food's awesome! When we came in, they sat us on a corner booth with lighted candle that has some ribbon. I thought it's their way of knowing what we're celebrating something depends on the ribbon that's tied around the candleholder. Well, when I called them up, I told them it's going to be a birthday celebration for my hubby. They mentioned they have some complimentary dessert for the celebrant. So, that's the purpose of the ribbon thingie I guess. Just so the server could ID us easily :o)

I'm in the process of putting the rest of the pictures together. Maan, mac OS is awesome, but if you're sooo used to Windows, even just the directory structure for mac OS is a bit intimidating. So, it takes sometime before I find the directory I created for this. My goodness...


Annie Rose said...

hala, gained a few pounds ka nga!


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