Thursday, March 1, 2007

Cry for Unwanted Pets

This TV ad never fails to make me cry... sad isn't it?

Everyday, I try to check the Phoenix craigslist for unwanted pets that people, for some reason, are trying to get rid of. Man, how cold is that?!

Craigslist is a free online community for advertisement available in most cities here in the states. You can find almost everything in this forum. From furniture, houses, pets, name it, you'd find it there.

For most of these pets, their owners cannot take care of them anymore for tons of reasons: moving, had a new baby, owner got sick, etc etc. For me, it's just an excuse for most of them, but hey, what can I do? Exactly.

Not too long ago, I answered an ad from craigslist about this family who's going to move to UK in a few months and was looking for someone to take care of their dog. They can't bring her with them so they wanted to find her a loving home before they leave. They posted a picture of their pet and she's ok, she's not the cutest looking dog I've seen but for some reason, I got sweeps to agree to check her out. I'm just not sure why i wanted it so badly to meet the family and their dog. After meeting them for the first time, I already know that she's for us. Thus, we aptly adopted Skye. She's the most playful, sweetest, happiest dog I've ever met. She run towards us and gave us kisses like she've known us forever.

Skye's also a shelter dog before this family adopted her from the pound when she was a puppy. We also got to know that a few months back, they gave Skye to an elderly woman who promised that her grandson is going to take care of Skye. However, after a few weeks, they were contacted by the local pound confirming if they've lost a dog since Skye was given back to the pound. Poor Skye, good thing she's microchipped so her original family's information is just a scan away. Imagine, if nobody came and took her back from the pound, she could have been one of those who were not lucky enough to be given another chance to live.

Looking back, that's one of the best decisions sweeps & I had made. For over a year & a half now, Skye has been a part of our family.

Now that we have a bigger backyard, we have some extra room for another pet. Well, at least for me. I haven't convinced my husband yet. It's too much responsibility having another one. The thing is, there are countless dogs (and cats) that are being euthanized and abused every single day. Sometimes just without any reason, some cold-hearted people would just turn over their pets to the pound (and sometimes, kill shelters). These same loyal, loving pets who stood by them through thick and thin, suddenly being disliked by their humans. Argh. It breaks my heart everytime. Only if I can adopt everyone of them. That's why I wanted to help even just one poor soul out there who's about to be put down if nobody adopts them within a certain period of time :o(

I used to volunteer as a dog caretaker to the local humane society here in the Phoenix area. Back then, I was still living in an apartment so there's no way I could keep a dog with me (most apartment complex don't allow pets). So what I did is I just volunteered my weekends so I could help out in my own little way. I always have very high respect for non-profit groups who go out of their way to help unwanted animals. Being a dog caretaker, I can bring the dog assigned to me to wherever I want and make sure they could be seen in public so "potential" pet parents could see how good they are. I remembered I had to go to the kennel and see these poor guys waiting to be wanted and loved. Ok, enough! I dont want to cry

I am writing this hoping that I could find people who are like me who love animals and might want to share a piece of their homes to even just one pet waiting for the right family to come and rescue them.

Please, please, if you're considering to have a pet, pls don't get the ones from breeders nor those from the pet shops. There are tons of animals in the pound who, in every minute, march their way towards their end just because they're not wanted by their previous families anymore. Let's give these animals another chance to live and be loved. The insurmountable feeling of being able to help these animals are indeed priceless. Make sure you check your local humane society. Pls note that some of these kennels are indeed kill shelters. Pls pls pls, join me in my quest to do what we can do to help these animals. Thank you so much.


Annie Rose said...

aaaawww... this ad made me cry too... how can people do such cruel things to their pets?

punta ko dyan, i want to volunteer!

Annie Rose said...

can i be a dogsitter?

Surfergirl said...

hi berns!!! man nakakaiyak naman ung ad...sigh lalo ko na namiss si tofu! hey girl thanks for the offer to dog sit for him unfortunately we decided its best he stays home (phils) at this old age ...the adjustment may be stressful for him. at least he's got my family there..and other dogs to keep him company. know whats even sadder....we live in a condo here in canberra and NO PETS allowed. but mark and i really want to adopt a dog someday when we move into a REAL house. its good there are also loads of animal shelters here, and sometimes even vets/pet shops give dogs for free.
dogs really make life happier :) cant wait!

Bernskie said...

hi jean! oo nga, sad talga yung ad. kaya i looked it up sa youtube if they had it there. i thought it would be nice if i get to post it here in case some good hearted soul out could help out even just one shelter dog. kaawa noh?

when i was single and used to live in an apt, even if i was dying to have a dog, i can't do anything about it since pets are not allowed in my apt complex as well. that's why i decided to volunteer a few hours of my weekends to at least get to walk rescued dogs that were in the shelter waiting for new families.

i'm really glad that there's a lot of rising animal welfare programs available all over the world for abandoned pets. ang dami rin dito free dogs. kung pwede lang i-adopt everyone of them, hahah!

awww.. tofu... naalala ko tuloy si fabs ko. he's also back home sa pinas and my mom's taking care of him. he's 11 yrs old na nga. yeah, i think that's the rightful thing to do for our pets. at least our families could take care of them during their golden years :o)

heehee, i'm glad to know both you and zk love dogs as well :o)



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