Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Meet Lincoln

Ha, during the weekend, I've been looking for pets that we could either foster temporarily until they find a home or permanently adopt one. I contacted a few rescue group and the first one who actually called me back is the one from the rescue group I used to volunteer at.

They have a dog named Lincoln. He's a huge boy, 2 yr old collie/shepherd mix. I'm just not too sure if he'd get along with Skye as she prefers to play with smaller dogs. We were interviewed last night and this coming Sunday, they're going to bring him to our house and observe how he will do. This way, they're sure that each and every rescue pet they have matches the need of the family and vice versa. At the same time, they could check the house if it's suitable for their animals needs. They're doing this to avoid families adopting the wrong pet and most often, the family ends up returning back the pet to them.

Here are some pictures of Lincoln. I'm praying hard that if he is really for us, that he and Skye could get along. Hope he would like me & sweeps too. Let's see if we could pass the 3rd stage.

Doggie toy, $5.
Doggie treats, $6.
Adoption fee, $150.
Giving a shelter dog a good loving home, priceless.


Surfergirl said...

aww lincoln looks so adorable..parang may tank top siyang suot hehe :)
hope he does get along with skye. inggit ako! :D

Ann said...

ang cute ni Lincoln ... so happy he already have a new home with you and John. Kami naman we adopted last year 2 mini pincher. Duday is already giving birth by March 28, kakatuwa.

Bernskie said...

hi there jean! ahee! thanks! thanks! oo nga, yun din una kong napansin, parang naka tank top sya, hahaha!

yep, i really wanted him to get along with skye. di ko kasi sure how skye would take it that she's no longer the only baby sa house, hheehehe.

dont worry missie, you'd get to your turn to adopt one, hehehe. for the meantime, enjoy the cuddling of Zk, hahaha... wala muna sya ka-share with your hugs... hehehee :o)

Bernskie said...

hi ann!! oo nga, ang cute nya. we haven't met him yet. nag file lang kami ng application online then someone called us up for initial interview. then yung final stage is for them to bring him sa house. yung foster parents pa lang nya nakausap namin.

if everything goes well, we'd have a few days to decide whether we want him or not. Or if we get to pass the rescue group's criteria. they're still going to assess us kasi. hehehe.

wow, goodluck kay duday! ilang pups kaya carry nya? gusto ko rin sana ng puppies kaso yaw ni john kasi baka wala daw syang patience to potty train the puppy. full time job daw kaya yung gusto nya yung housebroken na. hahah.

balitaan mo kami when duday gives birth ha? tc!

Ma Florinda said...

cutie naman ni chewy!!! sarapa siguro nya ihug. pareho tayong lokong loko sa dogs. i want a chow chow para maya kalaro si sabina hehe kaya lang di na kami kasya sa apt :(


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