Saturday, February 17, 2007


I'm sure a lot of the romantics in the world celebrate this year's V-day with the usual ho-hum candle-lit dinner, ladies receiving flowers and loveydovey gifts. Good for them.

I'm not too much of a fan of V-day. For me, it's one of those over-commercialized days where most of the guys are kinda expected to do something for the love of their lives. Sooo, cliche already these days. I actually requested my husband not to send me flowers or whatever. Don't get me wrong, I still like the idea of receiving flowers but I'm ok not having them on V-day. I even prefer to just stay at home and be cozy with my husband and our dog in front of the TV. Or if we're going out, we're eating where most non-romantics would go... like some fast food or something. It's enough for me.

HOWEVER, I got the shock of my life on the very same day I assume most girls were elated with the romantic gifts they've got from significant other - like jewelries, spa or massage GC, candle-lit dinner on high end restaurants... and list would go on and on and on...

My hubby got me something I've been wanting sooo badly and saving up for. Sweet! I know he did a lot of thinking to get this knowing how he's super smart on our finances, this is something that I know took a lot of effort for him to get. But he got it for me anyways :o) Hmmm... can't seem to find the exact word... I have it at the tip of my tongue... ahmm... hmmm.. errrr... whatchiMACallit again??? I guess the pictures below would say it all :o)

Thanks sooo much sweeps!! You're the best!!!! I ruv roo!! Mwah!!!


Just now, the doorbell rang and guess who's there? The Fedex guy! With a boxed package for me and guess what's in it? My Final Cut Studio (Academic version so it's half the price as the upgradeable one, cool beans!) Woooohoooo!!!! I'm waiting for sweeps to come back from his apprenticeship at Toyota.. I haven't opened it yet. It would be more fun for both of us to open the box together... heeee :o)


Annie Rose said...

Wow naman! sssssoooooo swerte to have a husband like that! :)

Sheryl Lynn said...

W-O-W!!! way to go girl!!! kaya pala nagiging addict ka na sa videography.. maybe you can start your own over there... =)

Nice work john! =)

About Bernskie said...

hi neng, hee, thanks! thanks! oo nga, ewan ko ba kung anong nagawa ko at super blessed ko. ganun yata talga pag na broken hearted in the past, sinuswerte sa next, aheee! basta ikaw, enjoy ka lang muna. i think u're on the right track. the right guy would find you, you never have to look for him, pramis!mwah! miss u!

About Bernskie said...

hi she!
thanks girl! oo, super ka addict. that's what i was planning talga, to do this on the side then eventually if things get a bit better, would make it full time na. pero as video editor lang muna. i didnt think i'd be a good videographer kasi.. hehehe.. so edit edit lang.. how's the preps? hope things are doing great. ingats and have a happy trip sa penang! mwah!

Ma Florinda said...

holy cow!!! yeah i agree with neng super blessed ka nga ke john... (edit..edit...edit) actually super blessed kayo to have each other ;) i really believe na john loves you because he feels lucky to have you as his wife. match made in heaven ba... hahaha!

goodluck to both of you! :)


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