Sunday, February 4, 2007

Video Editing - My Latest Addiction

My goodness, for the last several months I've been finding myself reading a lot of videography magazines, websites, blogs... I can't believe I've finally found something that excites me once again and triggers the creative part of me. I know that this is something I can do for the rest of my life... video editing...

I've received tons of magazines in our mail lately, from Video Symphony, WEVA, Home Video Studios. I used to just read out Kiplingers, Money & Self magazines. Now I have videography magazines all over... wow, what a change!

I dont have the advanced editing tools yet, gosh, I can't wait for my iMac! Of course, I'd prefer Intelmacs... I'm still saving up for it as well as the FCP that I've been thinking of using as a newbie in this field. I thought of getting the Mac Pro, or Macbook Pro, but, I think I'd do ok with the 24" iMac since I'm just starting out.

My interest for video editing triggered when I was planning our wedding. Choosing the right videographer exposed me to a lot of video styles of the existing videographers in the Phils. Trust me, I think I visited every videographer's website and I've only seen a few who I went gaga over with when it comes to their style. Whoah!

Now, I can't believe that I would find this budding interest on it through the course of planning our wedding... hahah! I know I still have tons of things to learn before I can finally get to where I wanted to be... but slowly I'm getting there, one baby step at a time.

I'm sooo thankful for Jason Magbanua, the videography legend back in PI who have made every Pinoy videographer super proud. He established this online forum Pinoy Videomaker wherein Filipino videographers could talk about almost everything. It's super neat I get to learn a lot of cool tips and techniques. Very informative. I joined just recently and it was truly a treasure chest of information.

I saw a lot of familiar videographers from that forum where in one way or another, I was able to get a hold of when I was looking for someone to cover our wedding. Ha. Now I know why I've been super picky when it comes to the "right" videographer for our wedding, heee. Buddy Gancenia's there, Bong of Threelogy, Ryan of Mango Red, Dominic of Imacron. I even found our photographer there, Fol Rana. He's pursuing a video career as well on top of his passion for photography. Heee, soooo cool!!

I'm really overwhelmed with excitement. I can't wait to become one of the pro's, yey!!!!


Surfergirl said...

Hi Berns! Wow congrats with your new addiction and talent! :)
Its really weird ako din kasi, now i find im fascinated with photography. but i havent gone to lengths such as you :) puro pang a-appreciate pa lang :) i still plan to turn this into a hobby once i have the time ( not to mention the expensive tools!) hehe. so for now, theyre still all castles in the air :)
congrats again sis! :)

bernskie said...

Hi there Jean!!!! Thanks thanks thanks! Oh, photography is also neat :o) You should make sometime to pursue it dearie! I'm sure it's gonna be fun! Goodluck to both of us... heee... so excited na rin ako :o)


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