Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's Been A Loooooooong Week

I think I'm getting older each waking day. It seems that days are getting longer each day with too many things going on - at work and at home. Dang.

I know I'm getting old for my job having to stay in the test floor for hours and hours just to debug the freakin chip and make sure our so called customers wouldn't have issues when they boot up. I can't stand the noise inside the test floor anymore, I dont think I can last without listening to my yanked up mp3 collections while I'm there. Plus, it's super cold in there.

And those QRE's, maan, they always make the lives of PDE's difficult. I'm not sure if they're just being lazy with their work or what. There's this one lady I work with, I think she's the most stupid QRE I've ever interfaced with. She's so clueless. Poor Intel, they should be looking for smarter people to join them. I always thought everyone who works at Intel are smart. Yes, a lot of them are. But you can bump into a few who dont even know what they're doing.

Oh well, so much about work.

I maybe feeling all cranky because I've been waiting for my period for past week. I've been super delayed. For a moment I thought I was pregnant. NOOOOOOHH!! We have so many things going on with our lives that having a baby at this point is just not gonna work. This stressed me out big time. I think I'm scared mostly bec my mom's not here with me. I wouldn't know what to do. I feel happy for those who've been wanting to have kids right after their wedding. For me, it's more of like the thought of going through the morning sickness and having to deal with the changes in your body freaks me out. I hope there's an option for guys to get pregnant, not just us girls. Afterall, it's the couples baby, why is it that only girls had to deal with the pain and the physical adjustment. So not fair.

Good thing I got it this morning... so I still have a reason to be a bit grumpy for the next couple of days :o) For the nth time I'm going to say this... "oh well" (with shrugging shoulders, ha!)

I scheduled an appointment to the salon yesterday so I can finally cut my hair super short. I've been wanting Chloe's hair (Chloe Sullivan of Smallville, see picture on the left) but didnt have the courage to get it done for myself, not until after the wedding. Now, I know I gotta try a new look and was ready to go... when in the middle of the street, my old car died on me. Son of a gun. Good thing there's these 2 guys who were kind enough to help me and they pushed my car close to the gas station. I had this car since 2003. It's a 1993 Subaru Legacy. Kinda old but for $2400, it's not bad. Never had problems with it until now.

There's starbucks nearby so I had to walk there and left my car next to the gas station. That time, sweeps was invited by his school teacher to be one of the judges of this highschool contest on building car engines and some PINK-like racing thingie. Thank goodness he had access to his cellphone. He picked me up from starbucks and we had to get all the stuff needed to tow my car. The engine just didnt want to start. We towed my car with his truck. I didnt realize that maneuvering the thing is difficult since the automatic steering wheel doesnt work when the engine's not up. Now I'm sore all over my arms. Ha, now I know what I need to work on the next time I go the gym.

So, what that meant is that I had to cancel my salon appointment and had it rescheduled for next week. I'm not sure how long it takes to get my car fixed. I think we should go ahead and get a 3rd vehicle just so we have a spare in case things like this happen. Oh well.

I feel bad for Skye, no car for me means no dog park for her as well. Last time I took her to the dog park, it's jammed with more than 50+ dogs running leash-free! I get to play with this huge st bernard poodle mix. Skye met new friends :o) I can still walk her to the park close to our place, but since it's not a dog park, she had to be leashed, so not too fun for both of us.

Enough of the rants. I have the whole day to get my Final Cut Pro tutorial done today. Now I'm getting all excited again :o)


Surfergirl said...

hi berns! long time no blog hopping in your site. congrats with the mac! that was very sweet of john how sweet!
hey you know my sister-in-law and her husband used to work with Intel as well and they got sent to chandler a lot of times. they also complained about same stuff as you hehe--most esp since they were based in malaysia (penang Intel) and they claimed it was filled with smart but robotic drones oh well i wouldnt know personally. they resigned long ago na :)
that was a close call with pregnancy! us too, we dont have any plans in the near future to have a kid yet--so much things to do still.
how cool is it to be in a dog park! i havent been in any yet but i imagine ill be in cloud nine :)
hope your haircut sched goes through next week :)--makes one appreciate how easy and convenient it is to have haircuts/treatments in the phils!
take care :)


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