Sunday, February 11, 2007

"Do you love me????"

I'm not sure what's up with most of us girls how come we usually end up asking our guys this same question over and over again even if we already know what they're going to say. I know there's a lot of guys who are going nuts and irritated whenever they're asked by their girlfriends or wives this question, they totally flip out (my own brother, for one).

Guys, don't be too mean, ok? For some reason, we girls just wanted to hear them even if we know you do love us. Actions are not just enough. You just gotta say and tell your ladies that you do love them from time to time. Maybe not all girls like the idea, but I can guarantee MOST girls would appreciate it.

Before Sam & Molly got mugged and Sam ended up getting murdered (Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore on the movie Ghost), Sam never said that he loved Molly. Molly would initiate to say the "L" word but Sam would end up saying "ditto". That ends up Molly doubting if Sam really do love her. It's really sad that Sam died without even saying "I love you, Molly". It took Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg) to say it in behalf of Sam. How pathetic is that? So, get the picture guys, don't wait before it's too late. Girls just got to hear it. That's just how we are.

I'm not writing this because the "V-day" is just around the corner. It's just that lately I notice I seldom appreciate how my hubby tells me how he loves me. Yes, he say it every single day and he never gets tired of me asking if he loves me or not. He'd always kiss me on my forehead and tell me, "Of course, I love you."

More than just words, he also shows how much he cares by doing small things I never asked him to do for me. One time I came back home from work, he was super eager to show me that he fixed the middle shelf in our kitchen cabinet because he noticed that I am always having a hard time reaching the cups & glasses since the shelf is too high for me (yeah, I'm vertically challenged at 5'2'', heee!). Awww... sweet talga, I didnt even have to ask.. he just know what needs to be done and did it.

For the past 3 weeks now, he was busy fixing things around the house whenever he get to use some free time of his after work & school. Just recently, he built me a customized shoe cabinet in the garage. We got the kit from Ikea, but it's not a straightforward thing since he had to drill things and nail up some stuff then assemble the 3-level shoe rack. It's almost 9ft high or maybe more than that. He noticed that I dont get to wear my other shoes anymore just because I didnt have any space to put the rest of them. I left them unpacked when we moved to our house last year. He thought that a shoe cabinet would be good so I have easy access to my shoes. Sweet noh? I didnt even get to think about that, but he did it for me anyways.

He also changed the lighting fixture in our kitchen and dining area. He had all these power tools he used, which of course I didnt have a single clue how they work, to get them done. Sooo macho! Hahah! We got them from Ikea as well and it didnt take him long to get them all installed by himself. He also managed to setup the curtain rod for the curtains we got. We've been wanting to put some sort of a divider to separate the bathroom dresser & closet from our main bedroom :o) All of these were done in just 3 weeks time!

For those guys who get to read my blog, I wanted to share my 2 cents... it doesnt take your whole savings to be emptied out to make a girl happy. You dont even have to buy her anything. Just do small things here and there that you put effort on and I'm sure your girls are going to go loco over you. That's how we usually fall in love - when we see effort on your part. Ha, I'm not being feminist, ok :o)

My guy friends would often tell me that John would always keep the bar set a notch higher for them. Heee, they said their girlfriends would be expecting from them something like close to what John does. Ha, oh well... it's funny.

Now, with all these, you'd probably think why I still need to ask my husband if he really loves me. Of course I still will and keep on asking. It's a girl thing... we just need to hear it - period! No buts, no ifs :o)


Annie Rose said...

i love the shoe rack! so creative lah! hihi. i've been thinking to buy one in ikea too but i dont really know where to put it...

Ma Florinda said...

haha!!! i totally agree with this post. i hope bong will read this... ;)

super nice ng house nyo ate lotlot!!! galing talaga ni john!...


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