Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Past & Future

Happy New Year!

Yeah, I know it's kinda bit late for me to be greeting everyone... heeee, it's almost like halfway in Jan already!

I know, i know... I've been delinquent updating my blog too... maaan...

Whew, 2006 is such a memorable year for us. What can I say, I think both of us became 10 times wiser and stronger. Before we move on to the promise of 2007, I thought I'd recap what had happened last year - truly an emotional year for me & sweeps. There are times of happiness, weariness, disappointment, excitement, exhaustion, joy, etc etc. All these contributed to one heck of a year we'd always remember.

Here's a picture of our 2006...
  • We met each other's respective families for the very first time.
  • My first time in Hawaii.
  • Sweeps' first time in the Phils.
  • I got my greencard! Yey!
  • Sweeps joined Toyota.
  • I got my first ever root canal treatment! :o(
  • Skye turned 2
  • We made it to our first civil wedding anniversary!
  • We bought our first house.
  • We moved.
  • Sweeps' autoimmune disorder went to remission, thank God!
  • Our house in the Phils got flooded for the very first time bec of the typhoon Milenyo.
  • We finally had the wedding of our dreams!!
  • Finally set our foot to Bohol for the first time!
  • Had a quick vacation in Maui.
  • Witnessed sunrise at 6:30am on top of Haleakala mountain!
  • I left Intel after 9 years of being a product engineer!!!
  • I started blogging.
  • We lost a dog.
  • Sweeps' first time in San Diego.
  • Our first Christmas on our own as husband & wife.
  • I tried my first ever jello shot

I think I still missed a few of items, but it's surely is one year that we're blessd of since our respective families are complete & healthy - we had the basics we needed to live a thankful life.

Now for the coming year. I've listed down the things sweeps & I had discussed a few weeks ago. This would serve as our guide on how we planned our year to be....

  • Bring my mom & dad to the states end of the year.
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving in NY.
  • Disneyworld vacation!
  • Sweeps to graduate from his automotive school.
  • Prettify our yard.
  • Prettify our bathroom.
  • Get an imac*
  • Learn Spanish*
  • Enroll in dance class *
  • Enroll in a digital video editing school.
  • Sell the truck

So there, just a short list, I have other personal lists I have to take care of this year but these are the major ones that needs some planning so we could begin the baby steps needed to get to our goals! Heeee.. pretty exciting na! Can't wait to get my own imac! I can imagine the wonders I could do with it... it's going to be my new best friend... heeee!



~currant7 said...

love the art book layouts!
can't wait for when my time would come. :)

ty for sharing!



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