Sunday, January 21, 2007

I've been tagged!

Ok, ok, our wedding photographer, Fol Rana, tagged me last week. By tagging, I mean that I'm the "it" girl and it's my turn to do what he was "tagged" to write about in his blog. Since I'm new to blogging, I didnt know these kinda stuff exists in the blogworld. Ha! I remembered seeing this though from some of my friendster buddies whenever they post in the bulletin so it's a bit familiar in some sense.

Hee, I was actually tagged to list down 5 things about me that a few people know about. Hmmm... toughie. I had to ask sweeps what he thinks about me that he feels that not much people know about me. Aint this getting interesting??

Ok, I think I could think a few... here we go, let's give this a shot..

5 Things People Didn't Know About Me

1) I eat Oreos in a weird way. When everyone that I know loves the cream in the middle of every oreo cookie, those same sugary cream disgust me big time! I would either scrape them off with a knife and leave them off piling on top of each other until I can form a cream-based-snow-ball! Ha! Or even sometimes, if I'm too lazy to pick up a knife, I'd split open the cookie in half, leaving the other half with most cream stuck on it, and put it back in the bag. So sweeps would always end up eating the other half with all the creams. Heee! Yeah, super weird me.

2) All of our clothes in our closet should be hung using white-colored hangers only... period! No greens, yellows, red, what-nots. Hangers had to be white, white, white and nothing else. I'm not sure if this is part of my OC-ness (Obsessive-Compulsive)... but I usually gets too fidgetty if I see any hangers in our closet that are not white! I dont know how to explain it but it just have to be white! Sweeps had to deal with this from day 1 and I'm glad he understands without asking too much questions. I dont know the answer either so what's the point of him asking anyways, heeee :o)

3) I am a right-brainer engineer. Yeah, I am not sure why am I in this field wherein it would be beneficial that the left brain is more dominant than the right. Oh, don't get me wrong, I love math, calculus, chemistry, solving problems etc etc (though, I hate programming!) However, my passion is inclined more on the artsy, creative part of me. It didn't occur to me until I get a chance to think about it seriously a while back. During elementary & highschool days, I would be getting awards on some posters/art projects that I did and I didnt even know I did them well. I pay so much attention to every detail when it comes to artsy stuff. It's like something that's within me. Oh well, maybe I'm wrong.

When we were working on our DIY's for our wedding, I surprised myself for coming up with such ingenious idea of making our own cocoa bottle as well as our kissing bells. What amazes me is that the idea just came without me looking up for anything similar. They just came popping in... yeah, on the fly! They turned out pretty good, in fairness! Hee, love your own! Or it could be that the bridezilla in me came out that everything has to be nice and perfect! Har!

And oh, in relation to this, I betcha nobody else knows (aside from my husband) that I'm a post-production (video-editing, that is) junkie. I didnt have the high tech tools just yet, but that's my next project. This is something that I can imagine myself doing for the rest of my life. This is one of those "jobs" where it doesnt feel like work for me. So ironic in some way bec I dont like watching TV. The only reason I sit in front of the tube is either to watch Smallville or CSI and occasional loveydovey chick flick movies. But then I make use of that time to observe the shots & transitions of interesting frames. Would you believe I like observing even the ads just to see the different editing styles of the people who work behind the camera? Yeah... one day, I know one day, I am going to make it happen... very cool!

On my free time, I always make sure I visit Jason Magbanua's website and other popular videographer's websites in the Philippines. You know, so I could get a knack of what's new, what's hot, what's cool, what's not.

4) I didnt have any toys when I was a kid. Sad as it sounds but yeah, I never had one. I matured early in life that I know the value of money since I was 5. I never asked my parents to buy me toys even if I was dying to have the doll of my dreams... just so because I know it would add up to their expenses - yeah.. I was 5 yrs old then... and I still remember. When other kids were having fun enjoying their toys... I was studying and saving up every cent that I have.

When I was in kindergarten, my teacher asked us to bring our favorite toy in school the next day. I wasn't worried a bit because I know I can borrow my baby sister's squeaky rubber doll. Those cheapskate dolls kinda like doggie toys when they bite it, it squeaks. So, the next day I had it in my bag. Of course everyone brought their toys so even before the class starts, I know what kind of toys they had. One girl has this nice baby doll in a basket - it can cry, it can laugh, it can even pee.. like real water coming out from her bottom making her diaper wet so her mom can change it. There's one boy who has this super cool battery-operated gigantic robot that could speak, walk, lights blinking, etc. All sorts of toys I've never seen before. It was such a slap on the face for me... how come everyone had super cool & nice toys and the only thing I had is one tiny rubber squeaky doll. Yep, I was heart-broken.

The teacher asked each one of us to show what toy we brought and show the whole class what it can do and why it was our favorite toy. When it was my turn, I lied, I told her I forgot to bring mine. I was soooo embarrassed and ashamed what the other kids would think if I show my rubber doll. It doesnt have anything special. It's not even mine. I was sooo sad I kept the feeling to myself. I didnt want my parents to feel sorry for me and be obligated to get me some toys so I never shared what happened that day to anyone until I met sweeps.

I got my ever first stuffed toy when I was in 3rd grade and made it to the top 10 of the class. My mom asked me what prize I want since I was able to make it to the honor roll. I even remembered how much it was, a P90.00 worth stuffed animal (sheep) that makes this "baaaaa" sound when I lean it on a certain direction. I love this toy and I still have it in my closet back home in the Phils.

I have some more heart-breaking experience when it comes to having toys when I was a kid. But it's gonna be another long sappy story and I didnt want to bore whoever is reading my blog with stupid details.

Hmmm... now I know why everytime sweeps and I go to the mall, our first stop is either the pet store or KB toys :o) We both enjoy going through the toys in every aisle of the toy store. I'm glad sweeps has the patience to be with me enjoying and playing the toys from the shelves. There's always these kiddos inside our hearts that we both just can't let go... aheeee!

5) I am a walking drugstore. Not because I know a lot about meds and all, but because if I count the amount of meds I took since I was a kid, then maybe I can build my own drugstore/pharmacy. No kidding!

I was a sickly kid when I was growing up, all sorts of things but mostly respiratory issues. My mom used to tell me how my dad had to run to the nearest hospital (a few feet away from our house back then) realizing he forgot to wear his slippers when he got there because I was in convulsion. I can't even count how many times I've been admitted to the hospital. It's definitely more than 30+ through the life of me.

I got used to it that I already know from the very first prick of the IV whether the nurse is gonna mess up my vein or not. I would know if after a few hrs my hand would be swelled up bec she poked me on the wrong vein. So much so I had a favorite nurse which I usually request to put my IV on. I was popular in that hospital, a regular customer for that matter. My mom used to tell me that I made that hospital rich... since I'm a regular. Good thing everything went pretty well after I went through college. Whew! I guess I was high-maintenance after all when I was a kid. Heee!

So there, I had my share of "What 5 things about me that people didnt know about". I have to find 5 people who I could tag and pass the torch onto. Hmmm... lemme think... aha.. I have 5! Roll the drums please... I pass the torch to the following gals... heeee... sorry gals, I just got to tag you :o) Hugs.. hugs...

1) Ann
2) Weng
3) Polly
4) Mayzelle
5) Jean


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