Monday, January 15, 2007

Ice Ice Baby!!!!

Skye was making some noise in her kennel kinda like telling us she's up and wanted to go outside. I peeked through our backdoor to check if the backyard is dewy since it was pretty cold last night (it was the coldest temperature drop in Phoenix since 1990!). I wanted to make sure she wouldnt be too soggy after she goes out and run around our backyard.

I noticed this clumps of white-ish substance by the ground - I was stunned! It was ice!! Ice on our backyard... in Phoenix... where it reaches 120F during summer and I'm seeing ice on our backyard?? How cool is that?!!

Got too excited we decided to drive up north to Prescott to checkout some snow. We'd tag Skye along with us so we can see how she'd like running with snow all over! Heee! It took us about 2 hrs to get to Prescott, but to our dismay.... there's no signs of snow at all :o( Waaaahhh!

We've been seeing trucks and cars passing by covered with ice on their roofs and windshields... so we know we should be close by. Sweeps continued driving north and we ended up going to Flagstaff, like 200+ miles away from Phoenix. Yeah, as crazy as it sounds but for some reason, we get to pull off a good break if we don't plan it, just do everything on the fly, spontaneous escapade! Heeeee!

Anyhoo, as sweeps was driving I was shooting every single angle that I can remember for snow - by the trees, by the road, by the cars on the freeway, by the mountains we pass by. Haa, it could be so shallow for most people up north but again, it's Arizona... and this is something that people would make a big HUWAA out of... heehee! So, pardon my excitement :o)

This was also Skye's first ever long drive. Looking at her, she's bored to death. She didn't get to eat that much until we come back home.

Finally, after almost 4 hrs of driving (we took the long way) we finally found "our spot". There are a few ski resorts but we didnt have to be there. We just wanted to feel the ice on our feet and be able to play and run with Skye. So we parked by the gasoline station in front of their convenience store. I noticed that there's a whole line of cars parked. I'm sure these guys were like us who would want to stop for a cuppa coffee or hot cocoa. The moment sweeps pulled the handbreak, Skye and I got out from the car and we run off through the thick fluffy snow by the road. Har! It was really cold alright, but it's definitely priceless to see Skye shivering but enjoying at the same time. Heee...

It was definitely a short "snow-stop" - 30 mins or less for a 4 hr drive. We left our place a bit late so by the time we got there it was almost 5:30pm. We had to leave around 6pm-ish to get back home just in time so we can still grab some groceries for the week. Thank goodness for 24-hr Walmarts!

I like this kind of getaways that we get to have occassionally... very spontaneous. We really had a lot of fun! Being super OC when it comes to planning things, going out without any clue where to go and what time, this I should say is a milestone to mark! Ha!

Well, as of this writing, we're still in the high 30's in the morning. I guess I can't complain as I know a lot of other states had been waaay below 0F's. Dang. I can survive the hot desert but there is no way I can survive ice cold weather...

We're still saving up for a ski trip sometime, maybe next year. It's been 8 yrs since I last ski'd. It was fun tumbling and making fun of your own stunts, trust me. But it could be dang scary too! Maybe next time I'd try snow boarding... heeee... let's see!!!



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