Saturday, December 2, 2006

Man's bestfriend

Sit.. lie down... crawl... up... kennel!! Words that are impeccable in our daily lives with Skye.

Yeah, Skye is such a special dog. She added more spice into our lives and before we know it, here we are, completely captivated by her. She drives us crazy each day doing all these tricks we never realized she knew. We come back from work with her tail wagging telling us how she missed us the whole day. She runs at the backyard with her toy on her mouth asking us to run

after her and play fetch. Ohhh, she loved being chased after and make her toys squeak like nuts! We play hide and go seek where I toss one of her toys away and she'd fetch it from wherever it lands while I go and find a place where I can hide.

I always win this game.. of course :o) She's a flat-coated retriever alright, but her sense of smell is terrible. I always end up hiding at the back of either of our french doors... always as in always... however, for some reason, she cannot figure it out each time. She'd be tracing and sniffling all over the hall, the bedroom, the bathroom, name it.. she'd go around and she'd never figure out that I was just hiding at the back of our bedroom's door... hahaha! Sometimes this makes me think that either she's really slow or she's just leading me into believing she didnt know where I am hiding just so she could make me want to win our own little game each time. Maybe she knows I'm having fun waiting for her to come and find me! Ha!

I'm sure she's not dumb, because we've seen her do tricks we never even taught her. Like one instance wherein sweeps and i were about to go to bed. We didnt realize we always say goodnite to her before we go to bed and ask her to go to her kennel. Then one time we just said nite nite. To our surprise, she initiated and understood that it's time for her to go to bed as well. And sure enough, she went straight to her kennel... waiting for her before-going-to-bed-snack. Isnt' it funny???

I usually bring her to the Bark Park close to our place where she could mingle with other dogs and play with them. Sweeps and I just observe how she handles being with other dogs. For some reason, she likes playing with smaller dogs. I think because with her previous family, she grew up with a cat. But, it's just funny how different she treats smaller dogs vs when bigger dogs come and approach her. She would just snub the latter... haha! We also realized how she doesnt want to go around the huge park if she know's she'd be beyond our sight range. I always make fun of her and hide from her whenever she goes a bit astray. I'd laugh my heart out when she starts running around and freaking out because she can't find me. Hahahaheee!

Oh well, that's our Skye. She just turned 2 in human yrs so that means she's 14 in doggie yrs. Oh, that makes sense now, we have a teenager!!!!! That's why she's a pain in the butt! But heck... we're just but proud pet-parents of this little furball squirt of ours! She'd justified how dogs are known to be man's bestfriend... yes indeed she is!!!



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