Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Goodbye our Chuy-chuy

Dec 24 this year was indeed a very sad day for me and my family. Chuy-chuy, our toy poodle, rested in peace... the night before Christmas- he was 8.

We had him since he was just a few months old. My sister's then boyfriend gave him as his Christmas gift to her. Our lives (especially my mom's) had never been the same having him as part of our family

Chuy is one of the 2 dogs who get to sleep inside & run around our house. The other "lucky" dog who is also one of our babies at home is Fabio, a terrier-mix. We have 3 other dogs who are "outside" pets. They never get to like each other for some reason.

Not too long ago, Chuy had to go outside and flirt with one of our "outside" dogs, Pampi. However, Brown, Fabio's son didnt like Chuy that much that they ended up in a fight. Chuy, as small and fragile as he is, was badly hurt. We took him to the vet since he cannot walk and his lower body seemed to be paralyzed. The vet said that must have been traumatized. All it takes is some vitamins and exercise to keep his damaged nerves come back on track. True enough, with the persistence of my brother & my mom, Chuy got better. In fact, last time we went back home, he was his usual self... walking and running like nothing happened.

Last week, when I called my mom, she mentioned that for some reason Chuy didnt get to walk again and she noticed that he's a little somber than usual. Everything happened so fast that one morning after she took him to the garden for a short walk, he started catching his breath, stretched his feet and left us... :o(

I got a text message from my sister and she told me what happened. John & I were in San Diego that time to celebrate Christmas. That night I was crying like a baby... we never expected this to happen. We thought of celebrating more years with him...

As we remember his memories with us, we made a little something for us to remember him by.

Goodbye our Chuy-chuy. Thank you for sharing wonderful memories with us. You will never be forgotten. We love and miss you.



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