Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Foodies and cookies!!!

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach... true... true... same thing goes to the way to my heart is sweeps home-baked cookies!!

One time I was craving for something sweet but can't find anything in the fridge nor from our cupboard. Frustrated, I burried myself in front of the computer and diverted my energies into updating our wedsite and browse the wedding pics.

When I got bored, I came out and saw that sweeps is working on something at the kitchen. He was making this bake-free chocolate oatmeal cookie! He had to look for the recipe online but the fact that he took sometime to work on it... of course... melted my heart. Soooo sweet my sweeps talga!! It actually turned out pretty good.... we just added some roasted sliced almonds on top of each cookie and put them in the fridge. Chewy chewy yummy yum yum cookies!

Last week, he baked some chocolate chip cookies (bite sized). More yum! I had to bring some at work and one of my friends from work almost finished the whole lot! She can't believe sweeps baked them all from scratch.. heeheee.. cuz really darn good!

Then last Sunday, he baked another batch this time, more chewy this time. We had bigger than bite-sized. As usual, we finished them after 4 days :o) Errr.. should I say I finished them? Hahhaa, nah!! Good thing the wedding's over, I can eat whatever I want this time without being too pressured of gaining some weight :o)

This week is the 3rd week that sweeps and I havent been getting food to go for dinner. Instead we decided to just cook for ourselves. This way, not only we'd be eating home cooked healthy food, but at the same time, we'd be able to save up a bit. Looking back, I realized we've cooked a bunch of food that we've cooked the first time... kinda neat!

Hmmm, lemme see, what did we have?? Pancit, beef stew, tortang talong, baked potato, pork chops, mongo sprouts, pork chili, pork burger. It's not that hard as we thought since we both cook. We do our groceries weekly and plan ahead what to eat for the week. Then we try to cook at least 2 types so we can just reheat them during the week.

With this, we didnt have to spend money for lunch. I prepare/pack sweeps food the night before so the next day when he gets ready to work, I woudnt have to worry about it. I, on the other hand, would drive back home for lunch since we're just a stonethrow away from the office. I also get to play with Skye during lunch.

With all the food poisoning newsflash going around the valley or shall I say around the continental US, I wouldnt dare to eat outside anyways. I'd rather invest time cooking food at home, making sure sweeps and myself would get to eat homecooked meals.. healthy and yummy!!




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