Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Goodbye our Chuy-chuy

Dec 24 this year was indeed a very sad day for me and my family. Chuy-chuy, our toy poodle, rested in peace... the night before Christmas- he was 8.

We had him since he was just a few months old. My sister's then boyfriend gave him as his Christmas gift to her. Our lives (especially my mom's) had never been the same having him as part of our family

Chuy is one of the 2 dogs who get to sleep inside & run around our house. The other "lucky" dog who is also one of our babies at home is Fabio, a terrier-mix. We have 3 other dogs who are "outside" pets. They never get to like each other for some reason.

Not too long ago, Chuy had to go outside and flirt with one of our "outside" dogs, Pampi. However, Brown, Fabio's son didnt like Chuy that much that they ended up in a fight. Chuy, as small and fragile as he is, was badly hurt. We took him to the vet since he cannot walk and his lower body seemed to be paralyzed. The vet said that must have been traumatized. All it takes is some vitamins and exercise to keep his damaged nerves come back on track. True enough, with the persistence of my brother & my mom, Chuy got better. In fact, last time we went back home, he was his usual self... walking and running like nothing happened.

Last week, when I called my mom, she mentioned that for some reason Chuy didnt get to walk again and she noticed that he's a little somber than usual. Everything happened so fast that one morning after she took him to the garden for a short walk, he started catching his breath, stretched his feet and left us... :o(

I got a text message from my sister and she told me what happened. John & I were in San Diego that time to celebrate Christmas. That night I was crying like a baby... we never expected this to happen. We thought of celebrating more years with him...

As we remember his memories with us, we made a little something for us to remember him by.

Goodbye our Chuy-chuy. Thank you for sharing wonderful memories with us. You will never be forgotten. We love and miss you.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

October 29

I was inspired a bit when I found this article posted by one of my fellow wawie sisters from Weddings at Work e-group. For one, we had something in common with the author and his wife - we all got married on Oct 29... ours was a few months ago, theirs was 29 years ago... hmmm... we have long ways there... but their story is sooo inspiring I knew I had to post it and share this with everyone.

Eternally beautiful
Humming in my UNIVERSE By Jim Paredes
The Philippine STAR 11/05/2006

Exactly 29 years ago on Oct. 29, Lydia and I walked down the aisle.
She was 20 and I was 25, both of us wide-eyed but so sure of ourselves
and our decision to stay together forever as we plunged into
matrimony. We were sure, the way young people tend to be certain, that
it was going to be an adventure. But little did we know that it was
going to be a big one, probably the biggest one we'd ever know.

Getting married is like signing a blank check. You have no idea how
much it will cost you. You are committing an unquantifiable amount of
material and emotional capital – time, money, patience, sacrifice, and
an infinite number of things you have not even begun to imagine that
you must deal with eventually.

Many of them are real minefields as Lydia and I, like all couples,
soon discovered. There are the in-laws, kids, expenses, the balance
between career and family life, personal habits, sex, jealousy, etc.
There is also the process of arriving at a "negotiated settlement" on
how to deal with things like getting along with each other's friends,
child rearing, spending habits, religion, hobbies, and how much
"independence" the partners should be allowed. The institution of
marriage, as we inherited it, was very complicated.

One of the things I found out much later in our married life is that
there is a difference between a love affair and a marriage. A love
affair has a dynamic that is different from a marital bond. Generally,
love affairs are not meant to last. They are meant to have a beginning
and an end. Why? Because they are about two separate people bonded by
romantic, oceanic feelings of what seems like love. They live for the
intense feeling, riding it as far as it will go and split up when the
thrill is gone.

Marriage, on the other hand, is the experience of life by two people
as a couple. Many times, new couples discover that they are not an
easy fit, as Lydia and I discovered early on. That's why in a marital
relationship one must necessarily give up big parts of himself/herself
to the union to get a payback. While one may still want some privacy
and independence, one cannot have them without a large dose of a
shared life. From the start until the end, marriage is about two
people experiencing one and the same lifetime.

It starts with romance and the sexual thrill of being with each other,
but you can only count on those for so long. Anyone married for more
than 10 years can attest that there are times when the attraction
which seemed so strong when you first laid eyes on each other as
single people can be non-existent for long periods. Viewed from the
perspective of a love affair, that is certainly not a good thing. One
may feel like the journey has reached a stretch of uninteresting
flatlands. The joyride is over.

But from the perspective of a long marriage, this is simply a hiatus
of sorts, or may even be the first signs of a qualitative change in
the way one loves. It can be disconcerting at first but if you stick
around long enough, the picture starts to get clearer. While gone may
be (from time to time) the breathtaking highs and exhilarating
moments, something else may be happening. Author M. Scott Peck put it
so well when he wrote that "the death of romantic love can be the
start of true love."

In our early years, Lydia and I felt that being married meant we had
to do something dramatic all the time to keep it going. But as we got
older, the doing often gave way to just being. Where before, love had
to be "proven" by the sparkling diamond on her finger, or the great
trip abroad, or the special dinner with wine in some plush place, love
in our 29-year marriage feels no compulsion to prove itself as
dramatically. Having long walks, conversations after dinner, holding
hands during long drives, snuggling in bed or just simply being
together – sometimes without even talking – have often taken the place
of all that. While sex can still be as great as ever, the truth is, as
an older couple, we have discovered other ways to remain interested in
each other. There is not only comfort but magic in the "ordinary," as
one realizes that love can be expressed in simply caring or supporting
each other's steps towards personal and spiritual growth.

One of the big recent highlights of our journey as life partners was
Lydia's big cancer scare three years ago. We felt so helpless as we
tried to deal with the fear of losing each other. But we took it on as
a couple. As far as we were concerned, we both had cancer. Those were
days of great emotional upheaval. Ironically, they were also moments
of calm and assurance. Even as we cried about it, we also learned that
we loved each other enough to willingly suffer together because,
paradoxically, by doing so, we eased each other's pain.

This may sound flippant, if not cruel, but looking back, I can say
that if I could only guarantee survival, I would recommend cancer to
everyone because of what it has done for Lydia and me. It has been
such a rare opportunity to meet and accept unconditionally the
hard-to-take faces of love that we often run away from. Yet when we
bit the bullet, we opened ourselves to greater depth and began to see
the face of the Divine in the other human being we had chosen to love.
Only then did we realize that all the suffering made sense.

In the end, the very suffering we undergo turns into something
eternally beautiful.

Here's a video tribute I
made for her which we showed on her advanced birthday party and our
anniversary last October 29.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

50 Promises for Marriage

"I'll show you something", he said... "Huh, what? Where are we going?", with my usual perplexed look. "Just wait..." Then he took a right turn and told me "Now close your eyes..." After a few more turns, he parked the car and asked me to open my eyes...

I was bloghopping the other day and saw this article titled 50 Promises for Marriage. I immediately sent a copy to sweeps and told him that these are small things we intend to neglect as the hussle and bussle of our daily activities begin to consume us...

I didnt even receive any replies from him, so I'm not sure if he got a chance to read it at all. I always tend to forget to ask.

Then one time, I just feel that he's overflowing with love and affection. I mean, I can clearly tell something's different... in a good way :o) When he mentioned about reading this article, it put a big smile on my face. Now I know how come suddently he's ultra, mega loveydovey. Don't get me wrong, he is always loveydovey but these days, it's like 10 folds!

So, just want to write about this cool article that I believe is useful to the newly weds and the not-so-newly-weds-anymore :o)

50 Promises for Marriage

1. start each day with a kiss.
2. wear your wedding ring at all times.
3. date once a week.
4. accept differences.
5. be polite.
6. be gentle.
7. give gifts.
8. smile often.
9. touch.
10. talk about dreams.
11. select a song that can be "our song".
12. give back rubs.
13. laugh together.
14. send a card for no reason.
15. do what the other person wants before he or she asks.
16. listen.
17. encourage.
18. do it his or her way.
19. know his or her needs.
20. fix the other person's breakfast.
21. compliment twice a day.
22. call during the day.
23. slow down.
24. hold hands.
25. cuddle.
26. ask for each other's opinion.
27. show respect.
28. welcome the other person home.
29. look your best.
30. wink at each other.
31. celebrate bdays in a big way.
32. apologize.
33. forgive.
34. set up a romantic getaway.
35. ask, "what can i do to make you happier?"
36. be positive.
37. be kind.
38. be vulnerable.
39. respond quickly to the other person's requests.
40. talk about your love.
41. reminisce about your fave times together.
42. treat each other's friends and relatives with courtesy.
43. send flowers every valentine's day and anniv.
44. admit when wrong.
45. be sensitive to each other's sexual desires.
46. pray for each other daily.
47. watch sunsets together.
48. say "i love you" frequently.
49. end the day with a hug.
50. seek outside help when needed.

When I opened my eyes, right in front of me are 2 of the most beautifully christmas decorated houses I've ever seen in my entire life! I can't even begin to describe it. It's not just lights and all. To me, it looks like a huge christmas playground! Sweeps said he made a wrong turn the other day and saw these houses and he thought I'd like to see it... so he brought me there. Then he kissed me and he said how much he loves me :o)

So there... isn't it too obvious that it only takes a little to put a big smile on my face? Heeee!

We're going back there one of these days since we didnt get to take some pics of them. I'll post one as soon as we get a shot.

Soooo sweet noh? I love my sweeps... and oh, my Skye too! hehehee!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Foodies and cookies!!!

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach... true... true... same thing goes to the way to my heart is sweeps home-baked cookies!!

One time I was craving for something sweet but can't find anything in the fridge nor from our cupboard. Frustrated, I burried myself in front of the computer and diverted my energies into updating our wedsite and browse the wedding pics.

When I got bored, I came out and saw that sweeps is working on something at the kitchen. He was making this bake-free chocolate oatmeal cookie! He had to look for the recipe online but the fact that he took sometime to work on it... of course... melted my heart. Soooo sweet my sweeps talga!! It actually turned out pretty good.... we just added some roasted sliced almonds on top of each cookie and put them in the fridge. Chewy chewy yummy yum yum cookies!

Last week, he baked some chocolate chip cookies (bite sized). More yum! I had to bring some at work and one of my friends from work almost finished the whole lot! She can't believe sweeps baked them all from scratch.. heeheee.. cuz really darn good!

Then last Sunday, he baked another batch this time, more chewy this time. We had bigger than bite-sized. As usual, we finished them after 4 days :o) Errr.. should I say I finished them? Hahhaa, nah!! Good thing the wedding's over, I can eat whatever I want this time without being too pressured of gaining some weight :o)

This week is the 3rd week that sweeps and I havent been getting food to go for dinner. Instead we decided to just cook for ourselves. This way, not only we'd be eating home cooked healthy food, but at the same time, we'd be able to save up a bit. Looking back, I realized we've cooked a bunch of food that we've cooked the first time... kinda neat!

Hmmm, lemme see, what did we have?? Pancit, beef stew, tortang talong, baked potato, pork chops, mongo sprouts, pork chili, pork burger. It's not that hard as we thought since we both cook. We do our groceries weekly and plan ahead what to eat for the week. Then we try to cook at least 2 types so we can just reheat them during the week.

With this, we didnt have to spend money for lunch. I prepare/pack sweeps food the night before so the next day when he gets ready to work, I woudnt have to worry about it. I, on the other hand, would drive back home for lunch since we're just a stonethrow away from the office. I also get to play with Skye during lunch.

With all the food poisoning newsflash going around the valley or shall I say around the continental US, I wouldnt dare to eat outside anyways. I'd rather invest time cooking food at home, making sure sweeps and myself would get to eat homecooked meals.. healthy and yummy!!


Saturday, December 2, 2006

Man's bestfriend

Sit.. lie down... crawl... up... kennel!! Words that are impeccable in our daily lives with Skye.

Yeah, Skye is such a special dog. She added more spice into our lives and before we know it, here we are, completely captivated by her. She drives us crazy each day doing all these tricks we never realized she knew. We come back from work with her tail wagging telling us how she missed us the whole day. She runs at the backyard with her toy on her mouth asking us to run

after her and play fetch. Ohhh, she loved being chased after and make her toys squeak like nuts! We play hide and go seek where I toss one of her toys away and she'd fetch it from wherever it lands while I go and find a place where I can hide.

I always win this game.. of course :o) She's a flat-coated retriever alright, but her sense of smell is terrible. I always end up hiding at the back of either of our french doors... always as in always... however, for some reason, she cannot figure it out each time. She'd be tracing and sniffling all over the hall, the bedroom, the bathroom, name it.. she'd go around and she'd never figure out that I was just hiding at the back of our bedroom's door... hahaha! Sometimes this makes me think that either she's really slow or she's just leading me into believing she didnt know where I am hiding just so she could make me want to win our own little game each time. Maybe she knows I'm having fun waiting for her to come and find me! Ha!

I'm sure she's not dumb, because we've seen her do tricks we never even taught her. Like one instance wherein sweeps and i were about to go to bed. We didnt realize we always say goodnite to her before we go to bed and ask her to go to her kennel. Then one time we just said nite nite. To our surprise, she initiated and understood that it's time for her to go to bed as well. And sure enough, she went straight to her kennel... waiting for her before-going-to-bed-snack. Isnt' it funny???

I usually bring her to the Bark Park close to our place where she could mingle with other dogs and play with them. Sweeps and I just observe how she handles being with other dogs. For some reason, she likes playing with smaller dogs. I think because with her previous family, she grew up with a cat. But, it's just funny how different she treats smaller dogs vs when bigger dogs come and approach her. She would just snub the latter... haha! We also realized how she doesnt want to go around the huge park if she know's she'd be beyond our sight range. I always make fun of her and hide from her whenever she goes a bit astray. I'd laugh my heart out when she starts running around and freaking out because she can't find me. Hahahaheee!

Oh well, that's our Skye. She just turned 2 in human yrs so that means she's 14 in doggie yrs. Oh, that makes sense now, we have a teenager!!!!! That's why she's a pain in the butt! But heck... we're just but proud pet-parents of this little furball squirt of ours! She'd justified how dogs are known to be man's bestfriend... yes indeed she is!!!

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