Saturday, November 18, 2006

Our Wedding Pics!!!

Heeheee, I can't wait to share some of our photos and have them posted here! How time flies so fast... it's been almost a month since we flew back to the Phils... for our wedding preps. Now, here we are... reminiscing our special event through the pics... I missed the preps... I missed my weddings at work buddies... but then... I'm happily and officially married to my everdearest sweepie!! The pics say it all! :o)
I didn't realize I've been doing this for hours already.. maaan... this is sooo addicting! Hahaha! I think this is good in a way!
Sweeps just called me as he's heading back home now from his dj gig... that means I have to get my butt off my desk and start doing my wifey duty, hahah! In other words, gotta go and look for something I can prepare so my sweepie would have sumthin to eat!
I'm having fun with this!!



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