Friday, November 24, 2006


I was on the phone with sweeps, I asked him to pick up some cooked rice from the superemarket.. heheee... we ran out of rice and didnt get to buy a sack yesterday. I was sooo lazy to drive outside to pick some :o)

I wanted to surprise him with the filipino beefsteak that I cooked (for the first time)! I missed my mom's cooking, I thought I'd try to cook some filipino cuisine as well.. not bad huh? We call this beefsteak in the phils as bistek.
It's funny because I had this cookbook authored by Nora Daza, a well known cook in the Phils. That's where I found out that beefsteak in the Phils is spelled as bistek! Sooo filipino.. hahha!
Oh well, let's see if sweeps would actually like it. He doesnt have any choice anyways... he gotta eat. I'm sure by the time he comes back home, he's super hungry... which is good, food always taste good whenever one is super hungry anyways.. heheeeee... let's see...

Yeah, he did like it!!!! See that smile in his face??!! I'm happy :o)



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