Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Goodbye our Chuy-chuy

Dec 24 this year was indeed a very sad day for me and my family. Chuy-chuy, our toy poodle, rested in peace... the night before Christmas- he was 8.

We had him since he was just a few months old. My sister's then boyfriend gave him as his Christmas gift to her. Our lives (especially my mom's) had never been the same having him as part of our family

Chuy is one of the 2 dogs who get to sleep inside & run around our house. The other "lucky" dog who is also one of our babies at home is Fabio, a terrier-mix. We have 3 other dogs who are "outside" pets. They never get to like each other for some reason.

Not too long ago, Chuy had to go outside and flirt with one of our "outside" dogs, Pampi. However, Brown, Fabio's son didnt like Chuy that much that they ended up in a fight. Chuy, as small and fragile as he is, was badly hurt. We took him to the vet since he cannot walk and his lower body seemed to be paralyzed. The vet said that must have been traumatized. All it takes is some vitamins and exercise to keep his damaged nerves come back on track. True enough, with the persistence of my brother & my mom, Chuy got better. In fact, last time we went back home, he was his usual self... walking and running like nothing happened.

Last week, when I called my mom, she mentioned that for some reason Chuy didnt get to walk again and she noticed that he's a little somber than usual. Everything happened so fast that one morning after she took him to the garden for a short walk, he started catching his breath, stretched his feet and left us... :o(

I got a text message from my sister and she told me what happened. John & I were in San Diego that time to celebrate Christmas. That night I was crying like a baby... we never expected this to happen. We thought of celebrating more years with him...

As we remember his memories with us, we made a little something for us to remember him by.

Goodbye our Chuy-chuy. Thank you for sharing wonderful memories with us. You will never be forgotten. We love and miss you.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

October 29

I was inspired a bit when I found this article posted by one of my fellow wawie sisters from Weddings at Work e-group. For one, we had something in common with the author and his wife - we all got married on Oct 29... ours was a few months ago, theirs was 29 years ago... hmmm... we have long ways there... but their story is sooo inspiring I knew I had to post it and share this with everyone.

Eternally beautiful
Humming in my UNIVERSE By Jim Paredes
The Philippine STAR 11/05/2006

Exactly 29 years ago on Oct. 29, Lydia and I walked down the aisle.
She was 20 and I was 25, both of us wide-eyed but so sure of ourselves
and our decision to stay together forever as we plunged into
matrimony. We were sure, the way young people tend to be certain, that
it was going to be an adventure. But little did we know that it was
going to be a big one, probably the biggest one we'd ever know.

Getting married is like signing a blank check. You have no idea how
much it will cost you. You are committing an unquantifiable amount of
material and emotional capital – time, money, patience, sacrifice, and
an infinite number of things you have not even begun to imagine that
you must deal with eventually.

Many of them are real minefields as Lydia and I, like all couples,
soon discovered. There are the in-laws, kids, expenses, the balance
between career and family life, personal habits, sex, jealousy, etc.
There is also the process of arriving at a "negotiated settlement" on
how to deal with things like getting along with each other's friends,
child rearing, spending habits, religion, hobbies, and how much
"independence" the partners should be allowed. The institution of
marriage, as we inherited it, was very complicated.

One of the things I found out much later in our married life is that
there is a difference between a love affair and a marriage. A love
affair has a dynamic that is different from a marital bond. Generally,
love affairs are not meant to last. They are meant to have a beginning
and an end. Why? Because they are about two separate people bonded by
romantic, oceanic feelings of what seems like love. They live for the
intense feeling, riding it as far as it will go and split up when the
thrill is gone.

Marriage, on the other hand, is the experience of life by two people
as a couple. Many times, new couples discover that they are not an
easy fit, as Lydia and I discovered early on. That's why in a marital
relationship one must necessarily give up big parts of himself/herself
to the union to get a payback. While one may still want some privacy
and independence, one cannot have them without a large dose of a
shared life. From the start until the end, marriage is about two
people experiencing one and the same lifetime.

It starts with romance and the sexual thrill of being with each other,
but you can only count on those for so long. Anyone married for more
than 10 years can attest that there are times when the attraction
which seemed so strong when you first laid eyes on each other as
single people can be non-existent for long periods. Viewed from the
perspective of a love affair, that is certainly not a good thing. One
may feel like the journey has reached a stretch of uninteresting
flatlands. The joyride is over.

But from the perspective of a long marriage, this is simply a hiatus
of sorts, or may even be the first signs of a qualitative change in
the way one loves. It can be disconcerting at first but if you stick
around long enough, the picture starts to get clearer. While gone may
be (from time to time) the breathtaking highs and exhilarating
moments, something else may be happening. Author M. Scott Peck put it
so well when he wrote that "the death of romantic love can be the
start of true love."

In our early years, Lydia and I felt that being married meant we had
to do something dramatic all the time to keep it going. But as we got
older, the doing often gave way to just being. Where before, love had
to be "proven" by the sparkling diamond on her finger, or the great
trip abroad, or the special dinner with wine in some plush place, love
in our 29-year marriage feels no compulsion to prove itself as
dramatically. Having long walks, conversations after dinner, holding
hands during long drives, snuggling in bed or just simply being
together – sometimes without even talking – have often taken the place
of all that. While sex can still be as great as ever, the truth is, as
an older couple, we have discovered other ways to remain interested in
each other. There is not only comfort but magic in the "ordinary," as
one realizes that love can be expressed in simply caring or supporting
each other's steps towards personal and spiritual growth.

One of the big recent highlights of our journey as life partners was
Lydia's big cancer scare three years ago. We felt so helpless as we
tried to deal with the fear of losing each other. But we took it on as
a couple. As far as we were concerned, we both had cancer. Those were
days of great emotional upheaval. Ironically, they were also moments
of calm and assurance. Even as we cried about it, we also learned that
we loved each other enough to willingly suffer together because,
paradoxically, by doing so, we eased each other's pain.

This may sound flippant, if not cruel, but looking back, I can say
that if I could only guarantee survival, I would recommend cancer to
everyone because of what it has done for Lydia and me. It has been
such a rare opportunity to meet and accept unconditionally the
hard-to-take faces of love that we often run away from. Yet when we
bit the bullet, we opened ourselves to greater depth and began to see
the face of the Divine in the other human being we had chosen to love.
Only then did we realize that all the suffering made sense.

In the end, the very suffering we undergo turns into something
eternally beautiful.

Here's a video tribute I
made for her which we showed on her advanced birthday party and our
anniversary last October 29.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

50 Promises for Marriage

"I'll show you something", he said... "Huh, what? Where are we going?", with my usual perplexed look. "Just wait..." Then he took a right turn and told me "Now close your eyes..." After a few more turns, he parked the car and asked me to open my eyes...

I was bloghopping the other day and saw this article titled 50 Promises for Marriage. I immediately sent a copy to sweeps and told him that these are small things we intend to neglect as the hussle and bussle of our daily activities begin to consume us...

I didnt even receive any replies from him, so I'm not sure if he got a chance to read it at all. I always tend to forget to ask.

Then one time, I just feel that he's overflowing with love and affection. I mean, I can clearly tell something's different... in a good way :o) When he mentioned about reading this article, it put a big smile on my face. Now I know how come suddently he's ultra, mega loveydovey. Don't get me wrong, he is always loveydovey but these days, it's like 10 folds!

So, just want to write about this cool article that I believe is useful to the newly weds and the not-so-newly-weds-anymore :o)

50 Promises for Marriage

1. start each day with a kiss.
2. wear your wedding ring at all times.
3. date once a week.
4. accept differences.
5. be polite.
6. be gentle.
7. give gifts.
8. smile often.
9. touch.
10. talk about dreams.
11. select a song that can be "our song".
12. give back rubs.
13. laugh together.
14. send a card for no reason.
15. do what the other person wants before he or she asks.
16. listen.
17. encourage.
18. do it his or her way.
19. know his or her needs.
20. fix the other person's breakfast.
21. compliment twice a day.
22. call during the day.
23. slow down.
24. hold hands.
25. cuddle.
26. ask for each other's opinion.
27. show respect.
28. welcome the other person home.
29. look your best.
30. wink at each other.
31. celebrate bdays in a big way.
32. apologize.
33. forgive.
34. set up a romantic getaway.
35. ask, "what can i do to make you happier?"
36. be positive.
37. be kind.
38. be vulnerable.
39. respond quickly to the other person's requests.
40. talk about your love.
41. reminisce about your fave times together.
42. treat each other's friends and relatives with courtesy.
43. send flowers every valentine's day and anniv.
44. admit when wrong.
45. be sensitive to each other's sexual desires.
46. pray for each other daily.
47. watch sunsets together.
48. say "i love you" frequently.
49. end the day with a hug.
50. seek outside help when needed.

When I opened my eyes, right in front of me are 2 of the most beautifully christmas decorated houses I've ever seen in my entire life! I can't even begin to describe it. It's not just lights and all. To me, it looks like a huge christmas playground! Sweeps said he made a wrong turn the other day and saw these houses and he thought I'd like to see it... so he brought me there. Then he kissed me and he said how much he loves me :o)

So there... isn't it too obvious that it only takes a little to put a big smile on my face? Heeee!

We're going back there one of these days since we didnt get to take some pics of them. I'll post one as soon as we get a shot.

Soooo sweet noh? I love my sweeps... and oh, my Skye too! hehehee!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Foodies and cookies!!!

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach... true... true... same thing goes to the way to my heart is sweeps home-baked cookies!!

One time I was craving for something sweet but can't find anything in the fridge nor from our cupboard. Frustrated, I burried myself in front of the computer and diverted my energies into updating our wedsite and browse the wedding pics.

When I got bored, I came out and saw that sweeps is working on something at the kitchen. He was making this bake-free chocolate oatmeal cookie! He had to look for the recipe online but the fact that he took sometime to work on it... of course... melted my heart. Soooo sweet my sweeps talga!! It actually turned out pretty good.... we just added some roasted sliced almonds on top of each cookie and put them in the fridge. Chewy chewy yummy yum yum cookies!

Last week, he baked some chocolate chip cookies (bite sized). More yum! I had to bring some at work and one of my friends from work almost finished the whole lot! She can't believe sweeps baked them all from scratch.. heeheee.. cuz really darn good!

Then last Sunday, he baked another batch this time, more chewy this time. We had bigger than bite-sized. As usual, we finished them after 4 days :o) Errr.. should I say I finished them? Hahhaa, nah!! Good thing the wedding's over, I can eat whatever I want this time without being too pressured of gaining some weight :o)

This week is the 3rd week that sweeps and I havent been getting food to go for dinner. Instead we decided to just cook for ourselves. This way, not only we'd be eating home cooked healthy food, but at the same time, we'd be able to save up a bit. Looking back, I realized we've cooked a bunch of food that we've cooked the first time... kinda neat!

Hmmm, lemme see, what did we have?? Pancit, beef stew, tortang talong, baked potato, pork chops, mongo sprouts, pork chili, pork burger. It's not that hard as we thought since we both cook. We do our groceries weekly and plan ahead what to eat for the week. Then we try to cook at least 2 types so we can just reheat them during the week.

With this, we didnt have to spend money for lunch. I prepare/pack sweeps food the night before so the next day when he gets ready to work, I woudnt have to worry about it. I, on the other hand, would drive back home for lunch since we're just a stonethrow away from the office. I also get to play with Skye during lunch.

With all the food poisoning newsflash going around the valley or shall I say around the continental US, I wouldnt dare to eat outside anyways. I'd rather invest time cooking food at home, making sure sweeps and myself would get to eat homecooked meals.. healthy and yummy!!


Saturday, December 2, 2006

Man's bestfriend

Sit.. lie down... crawl... up... kennel!! Words that are impeccable in our daily lives with Skye.

Yeah, Skye is such a special dog. She added more spice into our lives and before we know it, here we are, completely captivated by her. She drives us crazy each day doing all these tricks we never realized she knew. We come back from work with her tail wagging telling us how she missed us the whole day. She runs at the backyard with her toy on her mouth asking us to run

after her and play fetch. Ohhh, she loved being chased after and make her toys squeak like nuts! We play hide and go seek where I toss one of her toys away and she'd fetch it from wherever it lands while I go and find a place where I can hide.

I always win this game.. of course :o) She's a flat-coated retriever alright, but her sense of smell is terrible. I always end up hiding at the back of either of our french doors... always as in always... however, for some reason, she cannot figure it out each time. She'd be tracing and sniffling all over the hall, the bedroom, the bathroom, name it.. she'd go around and she'd never figure out that I was just hiding at the back of our bedroom's door... hahaha! Sometimes this makes me think that either she's really slow or she's just leading me into believing she didnt know where I am hiding just so she could make me want to win our own little game each time. Maybe she knows I'm having fun waiting for her to come and find me! Ha!

I'm sure she's not dumb, because we've seen her do tricks we never even taught her. Like one instance wherein sweeps and i were about to go to bed. We didnt realize we always say goodnite to her before we go to bed and ask her to go to her kennel. Then one time we just said nite nite. To our surprise, she initiated and understood that it's time for her to go to bed as well. And sure enough, she went straight to her kennel... waiting for her before-going-to-bed-snack. Isnt' it funny???

I usually bring her to the Bark Park close to our place where she could mingle with other dogs and play with them. Sweeps and I just observe how she handles being with other dogs. For some reason, she likes playing with smaller dogs. I think because with her previous family, she grew up with a cat. But, it's just funny how different she treats smaller dogs vs when bigger dogs come and approach her. She would just snub the latter... haha! We also realized how she doesnt want to go around the huge park if she know's she'd be beyond our sight range. I always make fun of her and hide from her whenever she goes a bit astray. I'd laugh my heart out when she starts running around and freaking out because she can't find me. Hahahaheee!

Oh well, that's our Skye. She just turned 2 in human yrs so that means she's 14 in doggie yrs. Oh, that makes sense now, we have a teenager!!!!! That's why she's a pain in the butt! But heck... we're just but proud pet-parents of this little furball squirt of ours! She'd justified how dogs are known to be man's bestfriend... yes indeed she is!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Some Wedding Kwentos

It's been almost a month already since our wedding day. There's no single day when I hadnt thought of our special day with our family and friends. I want to preserve the memories and the emotions and I figured might as well write more about it.

Our wedding was set on Oct 29, 2006, 3pm. It was a Sunday. Both sweeps and I came from Arizona and had to fly back to the Phils 2 weeks before the wedding. We reached the Phils the night of Oct 15. Unlike any other couples who had some bonding time with their suppliers waaay before their wedding day, we didnt have that luxury of time.

We met most of our suppliers the first time Oct 18.

I tried my dress for the first & last time before the wedding Oct 16.

We had our prenuptial shoot Oct 19.

I had my trial make-up sessions done a week before the wedding.

Not good... not good... major stress!!!

Now the story...

Oct 28, 2006. I got up early since I still need to work on the seating arrangement needed by ms Tina (our coordinator's assistant) in the morning that day. Everyone's been super busy running around in our house as well since we are scheduled for our final fitting that day and pick up the barongs and the dresses. I was not panicking with my dress, in fact, I'm more stressed out with my pink eye more than anything else. We were supposed to have gone to Ole for final fitting days ago but we're too busy with the last minute preps we got to do (well, me especially)... Sweeps' sched was not as bad as mine. Of course, I had to take care of the girly stuff, you know... like heading off for manicure, pedicure, facial here and there and spa galore. Now I'm not sure if that going through my supposed to be relaxation-before-the-big-day-beauty-touchups made me stressed out more or not. Ha!

Can you imagine how things were getting super crazy the day before the wedding? Well, I got the stupid pink eye (left eye) 2 days before the wedding... helloooo? duuuhhh?! I wouldn't mind if it was like a week or so, at least I would have time to fix it. But daaannggg... of all the times to pick-up the stupid thing - 2 days.. as in 2 days before my wedding!!!! Plus I haven't tried my dress, plus the gifts we had for our ninongs/ninangs & entourage that we shipped from Arizona like 2 months ago, only reached the Phils that week. It was a favor I asked my friend since he had free shipping to the Phils taken cared by our company when he was here in AZ. It usually takes a month at the most for these kinda shipments to go through customs etc. But for some reason, his took 2 months!!! Take note, this was a day before our wedding. I got a call from him saying that he finally got my shipment and that we can pick them up from his house anytime today. Arggghh!!!!! Too much stuff to think of... and worry about!!!

And oh, that same afternoon, we're scheduled to have dinner with our entourage and 2 of our principal sponsors in Tagaytay... and we had to check-in to Canyonwoods as well... and we had to meet up with the AE from Canyonwoods. Also, since my stupid pink eye was really annoying, my mom scheduled an appointment with the eye doctor... that same afternoon. Can you imagine the horror of this stressful day

I think one thing I've learned through all these is never ever ever schedule any social event the day before the wedding. That's nuts!!!!!! I'm banging my head on the wall right now. How stupid can I be for doing all these last minute! Arggghh!!!!

Anyhoo, I still tried my best not to stress out retain my composure. All I was thinking was everything's going to be ok. I can miss the dress fitting, the dinner get together or what nots but there's no way I am missing my doctor's appointment. I will never ever ever walk down the aisle with a stupid pink eye.. never!!!! I keep on telling sweeps that I would be the ugliest bride ever with this pink-eye (with matching iyak and hikbi pa yan, grabs, I never felt so sorry for myself in my entire life until that moment). Good thing he always uplifts my confidence... he said, "To me you'd still be the prettiest bride ever". Kahit bola, sige na nga :o)

3pm... me & my mom were still in the clinic. It takes an hr from our place to drive to Antonio's for dinner scheduled 5:30pm. Crazy crazy crazy! The doctor gave me 2 eye drops, 1 is to be used every 4 hrs (but clears up my eye super fast!) and the other one every so often. Of course, I overused the one that clears my eye lightning fast noh! Ha! The doctor really felt sorry for me. Yeah, me too.... after almost a yr of preparations just to make sure things would be ok during the wedding and all I get is some viral eye infection. BUMMER!

Fast forward, we got to Antonio's around 6pm-ish. Good thing our ninong & ninang were not there yet. The main purpose of the dinner is to formally introduce John & my parents to my Tito Larry & Tita Baby who I asked to be one of our PS on our wedding. This couple is sooo dear to me, they were like parents to me when I was in California. Good thing they are really scheduled to go back to the Phils last Oct for a short vacation so when I asked them to be one of our PS', they were ever happy to be there.

After the dinner, we all went to Canyonwoods, checked-in and by the time we're ready to go to bed, it's almost 11pm-ish already

I stayed with my MOH & one of my bridesmaids in one of the suites while in the other room adjacent to ours, sweeps, my brother and his friend stayed. My mom, dad, our HMUA stayed on another casitas.

I havent separated the stuff that I need to turn over to ms Kutchie so we had to do it that same night. Be brought boxes for Reception stuff, Church stuff, Preps stuff. Had them labeled so ms Kutchie's team would know which is which.

1am-ish, my girls are already half asleep but we can still hear the guys on the other room talking. Sheeezzzz... finally, after some kulits from me, they slept na rin.

Oct 29, 2006. I got up around 7am-ish. Immediately I had to go to the bathroom to check if my left eye got better with all the drops I put on it the night before. Dang it! It's still pinkish-red! It's not sore or anything, it's just dang red! I was gonna cry and I even thought of not showing up or cancelling the wedding... afterall, I'd be the ugliest bride to ever walk down the aisle anyways with my pink eye. I hate myself and I really didnt feel like going out there so everyone could see. I was super humiliated and my self esteem are just down there at the pits, rock bottom low. Sigh!

Then I prayed really really hard... I asked for strength to get through this. I've done what I could possibly do, so I guess I'd just have to carry on and go with whatever happens. I know the good Lord is with me... with us... everything would be alright.

Surprisingly, after lifting everything to the Heavens, my mood was in all time high! I didnt feel any amount of stress at all. I was taking my own sweet time in everything I do, before I realize it, it's almost 9am. Ms Kutchie, our coordinator, text'd me saying they're already downstairs and they're going to be at my room in a bit. Whoah! I havent even done taken my bath! Hahaha! My sister and my bridesmaid are both taking their own sweet time too! Then came their HMUA... early birds Reggie David and company!

My mom had her makeup done in their suite. Me and my mom had a different HMUA and he checked in to the hotel with us the day before. So he started working on my mom's makeup before coming over to our suite to do mine :o)

A few minutes later my HMUA came to our suite and started making me feel like a real bride! Haha! So make-up galore na. Then people actually started showing up, Ole Morabe, our couturier came by with my dress and the body form, with his assistant, of course! I sooo love my dress!!! Would you believe it's the first time I'm actually seeing the full dress? The first I've ever tried it on was when the beadings weren't complete yet, 2 weeks before our wedding. Ole is a trusted friend of our family so we never had any doubts with him. I was scheduled for my final fitting the day before our wedding but since I had to go to the doctor, I ended up not seeing my dress until the day of our wedding itself! But still, I love my dress, it's really simple and the beadings are elegantly crafted with swarovskis and such.

Bob Nicolas and his team came next, I'm surprised I never got conscious in front of the cameras. I guess a lot of it comes with the fact that these guys made me feel super comfy. I asked them if my left eye was obviously red on the camera and if they could avoid it. They keep on telling me that I still look pretty (o dibs, super bola galore, pero sige, di ko na contra as I needed that at that moment talga before I cry knowing how bad my left eye could register on the cams)

Then came the flowers. OMG... all the flowers are amazing. I'm not a flower person... trust me, but I can spot which flowers are ok and just so-so. Coming from Ole's mouth - yeah.. they are FABULOUS! I love what Karen & April did on my bouquet... and the basket for my little girls... whoah!! They're just awesome!!!

Last to come was Fol's team, although their call time was 12nn-ish pa naman. Just in time, I'm done na with my makeup. I didnt want pics to be taken while I was being made up as well, so their timing is just right. Then the fun begins!!! They started to take some pics already and I had to pose... a lot!!! They direct what angle, what pose, etc etc. Good thing I had some good practice when we had our prenups with Paul Vincent & Ivy in EK. At least I was a bit at ease in front of the cameras. But of course, at the back of my mind I always get concious of my pink-eye... oh well...

Time flew so fast, for some reason, I wasn't hungry... never felt hungry at all. One of ms Kutchie's girls gave me some food but didn't get to eat that much.

Then finally, it's time to wear my dress... everyone had to go out of course... Ole, his assistant & ms Kutchie's assistant were there to dress me up. Ha, here's the funny part... since I didnt get to fit my dress before our wedding, heheee... Ole needed some time to adjust the dress. It just didnt want to zip up! Dang!! I think I gained some weight. It's alright, he's good at it and he quickly did the adjustment. He stressed out on that part more than I did. Ha! :o)

Of course after everything is settled, Fol, Bob & their respective teams did their thing and before we know it, it's 2pm already and we had to head to Caleruega na.

It was drizzling a bit, so I already know I wouldnt be able to walk by the dramatic walkway to the Caleruega chapel... oh well... what can I do?

We hit the road after a few more pictures... I was with my mom & dad inside the bridal car. The funny thing is we got lost finding our way out canyonwoods. The driver didnt know where to go. We didnt either since we got there late the night before, it was blur to us how we got there. Shoot. But we managed to go out. I can't remember but yep, we did. Thank goodness!

When we got in front of the church, there's a lot of cars parked all over since our guests had been waiting already. We actually didnt know where we're going to park. My mom was already freaking out. No cellphone signal so Ms Kutchie can't get hold of us. So, kinda confusing since there's 2 entrance to the church. All my mom knows is that she got an instruction from ms Kuchie that if it rains, we're going to just walk by the side entrance. Less drama, another bummer!

Anyhoo, one of the coords came by the car and asked me to wait inside until she get a go signal from ms Kutchie. After waiting, she escorted me (as well as our 2 drivers) so I had 3 umbrellas when I was walking up the stairs. Bob Nicolas' AVP captured that :o)

Saw my mom & my dad marched their way in. They closed the door so Ole's assistant took care of my train, 1 of our drivers was still holding the umbrella to protect me from the rain. So when you watch the video you can see that, unlike all the brides that I know, their entrance is a bit dramatic than mine since every Dick & Harry's all over my back. It's alright though.

When I heard 3rd Avenue sang "The Rest of My Life" ayan, goosebumps galore na. I forgot how I should hold my bouquet, the correct posture, etc. I forgot everything. All I remembered was that sweeps was there in front of the altar as I walk and we locked eyes with each other. I didnt even cry, didnt even look at the guests, didnt even look at my parents, didnt even get to see how the aisle decorations were like, etc etc. That moment was all about me and sweeps. It was just a short walk... really... but it seemed like it's eternity for me. I love how the video captured sweeps reactions when he saw me... classic!

One of the highlights of the ceremony was Fr Oly, who officiated our wedding, sang a surprise song for us. It was a tagalog song entitled "Kailangan Kita". It was sooo sweet of him to sing for us. Since it's Tagalog, I had to translate it while he was singing it so John knows what he is singing about. Another goosebumps galore moment.

Fast forward to the Reception. My ever dear HMUA (Romulo Teodoro, we call him Mulan) had to do some retouch after the ceremony, then another one before the reception started. Ole, Mulan & ms Kutchie's assistant were with me to remove my dress' sleeves & train before we enter the banquet hall. Of course, more pictures were taken before dinner started. Good thing that we had pritchon and some snacks for the guests during cocktails so we're not worried that people would get hungry while waiting for us.

The entourage were all queued up for the introduction. I heard Melissa, our emcee, calling their names already. Sadly, I wasnt paying that much attention as to what music was being played. Then we heard Smashmouth's "All Star" and it as our turn to go. Ha, funny pa nga kasi we didnt know where to go, naligaw pa kami ni sweeps. But, it's alright.. hehehee! Not too obvious naman (I think)

Then Melissa asked us to to in front as she introduced us. Confettis are all over and it was one of the fun moments at the reception.

The program started with the cake-cutting, nice the background music, "Sugar" by the Archies. Heee! So as you can see, we're not too loveydovey when it comes to the choice of music. It's one thing our guests are raving about, they were saying that the choice of music we had are very unconventional and refreshingly upbeat and cool :o) That's good to know... hehehe! At that time, bubbles where blown all over for additional effect. Kids of course, went gaga... hahaha!

One of the highlights that I also like was the married couples games. Melissa called up 5 pairs from the list I gave ms Kuchie. The mechanic of the game is that the guys would be given 1 lipstick that they can use to color their repective wives lips and in turn, the wives would be putting as much kissmarks to their hubbies. I can't remember where I read this game but it was my idea... and sure enough it was hilarious!! Whoever has the most kiss marks win a prize. Sweeps & I had to count the number of kissmarks for every couple. We gave out this huge KISS chocolate (The World's Biggest Kiss Chocolate) to the winning couple. My highschool friends came out as that game's winners! Funny talga!

During the taking off of the garter, here's one of our palpaks ni sweeps. He was supposed to pretend that he was looking for the garter under my skirt but in reality, we already planned that it should come out from his underpants. Ha! So dapat instead of him taking the garter from me, I would be getting the garter from his boxers. But... hahah, we executed it really bad that I felt we both looked like idiots. Hahahha! Kasi sweeps just took the garter from his underpants. Then he didnt ask me to take it myself from him. He should be putting my hand under his pants (pero syemps dapat sa may belt lang) but both of us forgot what we needed to do. Get the picture? Oh well, this is one of the things that we just laugh about whenever we think of it :o) I would nobody from the guests would remember anyways... hahaha!

Another blooper that I can recall was after the Thank you to our parents. After the tribute video was played, we never even got down from where we were sitting and hug & kiss them. Darn! I dont know, we were completely not ourselves that time. See, napaka emotionless ko naman. That's really one thing that I regret.

I also cannot remember if I even hugged or kissed my dad after we had our father-daughter dance. Shoot. Lousy lousy lousy me... and what was I thinking when I agreed having "Butterfly Kisses" as our father-daughter dance? I didnt like that song... I forgot to inform 3rd avenue which song I like them to sing. On top of that, how can I not think of having John and my mom to dance together at the same time my dad's dancing with me????!!! Tell me how can I miss this small but uber important detail???!!! I also forgot to to inform Bob Nicolas to do some livefeed while me & my dad were dancing :o( I thought about all these waaaayyy before but for some reason I forgot to mention them. I think partly because I didnt have any checklist for myself.

During the couples speech, again, we were not ready. We didnt prepare any long touching speech. Ours was more direct 1-min thank you's to everyone who came. Good thing sweeps tried to speak some Tagalog words he knew, so it kinda gave some needed ooommpphh to our speeches.

On the flipside, we were supposed to hire a dance instructor to open the floor for dancing after the program. However, my sweeps, insisted that he'd do it himself. So what we did was ms Kuchie put some ribbons underneath the guests chairs beforehand. Melissa asked the guests to look for these ribbons since they're getting a price (we got them those huge toblerones for those who got the ribbons). I think there were 15 ribbons, I can't remember. Melissa asked those who got them to please go to the stage to claim their price. Once everyone was there, the catch is they will have to do some line dancing first. So here comes my husband (who loves dancing and is a pretty good dancer himself), lead the pack and when everyone got the hang of it, confettis were shot all over to indicate that it's PARTY TIME!!!! It was such a blast! Our friends & suppliers emailed me after saying that they didnt realize that sweeps is such a good dancer (and I suck since I was totally lost looking like an idiot following the steps) Heee!

Overall, it was a fun evening for us. The party didnt last that long since it was a Sunday and a lot of our guests had to leave since the next day is a work day.

We had to fly to Bohol early the day after. Such a hectic sched for us. No time to mingle with friends and families after the wedding na. Then we came back from Bohol 2 days before we flew to Hawaii. So those 2 days were spent with our families na.

Hmmm, what else am I forgetting. I guess that's about it. So there, I'm done with my wedding kwentos finally.

If I had to summarize my learnings that day, it would be the following:

1) No matter how much you wanted things to happen your way during your wedding, there are just things that are beyond your control. So either you frown and be sorry for the rest of your life, or just let go of it and enjoy the moment. Afterall, it's your wedding and what's important is you're happy with your husband and families with you.

2) Dont forget to make your own vows. Yep... we did :o( We're too busy with all the other things and we forgot to incorporate our own wedding vows in the misallette. This is really really sad.

3) Dont forget the details that would make your wedding extra special like taking sometime to write your thank you speeches to everyone who were there on your wedding day. Include your suppliers as well since they've also worked hard for your dream wedding. Some token of appreciation is good.

4) Checklist, checklist, checklist! Make a list of the items you want to discuss to your suppliers so you wouldn't have to missout anything unlike what I did.

5) Health is wealth. So never never get sick on your wedding day. You cannot control a lot of things but major causes of getting sick is being overly stressed out. I had my own share of the horror story of having a pink eye.. so never get too stressed out with little things, I tell you, it's not worth it!

6) There's no such thing as early planning. Dont do tomorrow what you can do today. I did a lot of procrastinating on my seating arrangements.. and other stuff too. They added stress the day before the wedding.

7) Make sure you ask your photographer to take some pictures even of the tiniest detail in your wedding. We had different flower arrangements per table and we didnt get to see how they look. Good thing some of our friends sent us some pics so we saw some of them. This is where backup photographers would come in handy since their job is to take pics of those things you main photographer might miss-out.

8) Dont forget to introduce your husband to your friends/families who haven't met him yet. Again, I dont know what I was thinking but now that I realized it, I totally forgot to formally introduce sweeps to my highschool friends and my former officemates. Oh well.

9) Make sure you secure/keep copies of the misal & wedding favors for yourself. We didnt get to keep some for ourselves :o(

10) Be happy, our job is to look radiant and pretty during our special day. Afterall, this is not an everyday event. For once, we get to be celebrities even for just a day... or two :o)

That's all folks!! Hope I was able to share everything that could be helpful in somebody else's wedding :o)

Suppliers ratings are still on the drawing board... heeee!


I was on the phone with sweeps, I asked him to pick up some cooked rice from the superemarket.. heheee... we ran out of rice and didnt get to buy a sack yesterday. I was sooo lazy to drive outside to pick some :o)

I wanted to surprise him with the filipino beefsteak that I cooked (for the first time)! I missed my mom's cooking, I thought I'd try to cook some filipino cuisine as well.. not bad huh? We call this beefsteak in the phils as bistek.
It's funny because I had this cookbook authored by Nora Daza, a well known cook in the Phils. That's where I found out that beefsteak in the Phils is spelled as bistek! Sooo filipino.. hahha!
Oh well, let's see if sweeps would actually like it. He doesnt have any choice anyways... he gotta eat. I'm sure by the time he comes back home, he's super hungry... which is good, food always taste good whenever one is super hungry anyways.. heheeeee... let's see...

Yeah, he did like it!!!! See that smile in his face??!! I'm happy :o)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I miss home...

Looking at the wedding pics last night made me realize how much I'm missing everyone at home. You see, we were back 2 weeks before the wedding but we didnt get to spend quality time with them. We were running around trying to settle some last minute wedding preps and all. Then right after the wedding, together with my bro and my sister, we flew to bohol for some island escapade. We came back 2 days before we're set to fly to Hawaii.

Awww... I miss my family sooo bad as well as our 2 dogs...

It's kinda different now unlike before wherein all of us are looking forward to the wedding so we know we're heading home around october-ish. Now it's like I have to plan way ahead when we could go back home again. Since I'm the only one here in the states, it's kinda tough to have our get-togethers here.

I just miss them... home would always be where i could always check on my mom and my pop. home is where i get up and i can smell the breakfast my mom's cooking... home is where our dogs would be barking outside with the sound of the door bell... home is where i grew up with cold water running on the faucet... home is where my family is...

it's already and finally sinking into my brains that i have a new home now, with my sweepie and our dog. sweeps had always been there for me from day 1 that's why it didnt feel like i'm far from my family... i guess both of us just gotta work on expanding our families huh?

sweeps and skye are my home now... my family back in the phils would always be part of me... of my once called my home...

i miss my sister neng, my brother bong, flor, my mamsy and papsy, fabio and chuy-chuy... i can't wait to see them again...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Our Wedding Pics!!!

Heeheee, I can't wait to share some of our photos and have them posted here! How time flies so fast... it's been almost a month since we flew back to the Phils... for our wedding preps. Now, here we are... reminiscing our special event through the pics... I missed the preps... I missed my weddings at work buddies... but then... I'm happily and officially married to my everdearest sweepie!! The pics say it all! :o)
I didn't realize I've been doing this for hours already.. maaan... this is sooo addicting! Hahaha! I think this is good in a way!
Sweeps just called me as he's heading back home now from his dj gig... that means I have to get my butt off my desk and start doing my wifey duty, hahah! In other words, gotta go and look for something I can prepare so my sweepie would have sumthin to eat!
I'm having fun with this!!

Hey.. I'm blogging!!!

It's my first time to actually try this.. heheee... this is sooo neat!

After our wedding, I've been trying to setup something that could actually take some of my free time and hey.... compiling pics is not too bad... moreso having to have my little space in this world for my thoughts... cool beans!!!


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