Wednesday, April 2, 2014

14 day green smoothie challenge

Day 1 - Orange Dreamsicle. I added half a tbsp of Vitamineral Green... Looks weird but oh my goodness, it tastes soooo good :) This was dinner last night and leftover is for lunch today :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Poor Sophie

Poor Sofie ready to retire after over 4 years of being both kids' favorite teething toy...

Thank you Sofie for the fond memories :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hello Blog!!!!

Oh my goodness it's been eons since I last updated my poor poor poor blog!

I will have to get back to my writing mojo.... I felt like I skipped a whole year... (oh heck yeah, I didn't blog for more than a year!!!).

Let me try to get better at this, not just for me, but of course for my kids....

I will write tonight... yes, tonight. Now let me finish my work so I can go home to my hungry kids and cap the day with updating my blog... yay!!!!


Friday, September 14, 2012

1 hour worth of pumping!

Yay, after almost 3 weeks of my love-hate relationship with my Medela Symphony (I rented it), finally, this is the most I got (1.5oz from both breasts)! Even if this sounds pathetic to most EPing moms, I am just so happy this is the most I was able to express from me ;).

Don't get me wrong, I get super jealous with moms who could pump at least 2oz for each breast for every "pumping session". But at the same time, I didn't want to stress myself because I know I am different from other moms & that a little breastmilk is just so much better for my newborn than nothing at all. As long as I give the best I can then I am a happy momma ;)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Kids closet

Yay, the kids' closet is ready ;) They will be sharing the same room eventually and so we decided to do some tweaking on the old closet and made it more functional. I love it!

9 more weeks and Mikka's baby brother is coming ;) Hope we'll be ready by then. Seems like it's harder to get things ready this time around...

Friday, May 4, 2012

It's A Boy! :)

We went for another scan last April 26 and it was confirmed that we are having a baby boy! Wahhooo!!!

There you go, I finally "announced" it here in my blog :)

Found out we are pregnant last January 9.  Soooo happy! Since our toddler is getting bigger, we thought we want another one so we started trying last December. Then come January, we're pregnant! Can't believe it was that fast! We feel so blessed!

I didn't have any gender preferences but it's nice to have one of each :) Hubby said he didn't have a preference as well but I know in his heart he was super ecstatic to when we found out we're having a boy :)

Oh my goodness, I can't believe Mikka is going to be a big sister! She's so excited by the whole thing. She even reads books to her little baby brother (yes, she talks to my belly!)

Thank you Lord for all the blessings!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mikka Reading "Crab Trap"

I was talking with my dad on the phone the other day and I was asking if they already saw the video I sent them about Mikka reading a simple book.

He was pretty upset with me because he said all he wants is to see Mikka and I only video'd her reading the book focusing on the words she was reading. Suffice to say, I didn't take clips of her face. He said he wants to see his grandchild's face. Yeah, he has a good point.

So now, I had to re-take a video of the kiddo reading but this time I had to show her face on the camera as well as the words she's reading. It's a bit of a challenge but it's worth the shot.

Anyhoo, this is her reading "Crab Trap" from the same pre-reader series of books I got online. She's really into these books compared to the BOB books we got her a while back. These books have better illustrations that kept her interest. Plus the fact that these come with stickers that your kid could put on the book everytime he/she reads the book on his/her own from beginning to end. It surprises me how good of a motivation it is for my 3 year old.

She is gaining a lot of confidence reading these books on her own. She didn't even want me to help her anymore. She said she's reading it for the baby inside mommy's belly. She calls the baby "my baby sister" although we didn't know if it's going to be a girl or a boy. Hahahahee :)

Hope you enjoy this video as much as we do. We are so proud of our little sweetheart.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mikka Reading "Pig Sits"

My toddler is taking a stab at reading one of her pre-reader books entitled Pig Sits :)

This is the 3rd time we're reading this book and everytime she gets to read the entire book from cover to cover, she gets a sticker she puts in front of the book as her prize. She got her 3rd sticker for this book towards the end :)

She's doing pretty awesome for a 3 year and 1 month old kid :)

We like that she didn't just memorize the book, she's actually reading the words :) That being said, we can give her any simple books and she could read read them. I love these kinda books because they are so simple that pre-readers like my daughter could gain a lot of confidence because they can them on their own.

We are so proud of her :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goodbye Our Chewy...


It was love at first sight, the moment you came over our house to "check us out" if we were the right home for you. I can't stop thinking about you the way we bonded instantly and the way you bonded instantly with Skye. Our search for another pet is finally over. We found the one. It was you. Imagine our excitement when our adoption application for you got approved...

We will forever be grateful to the AZ RESCUE team for saving you from the kill list. We found you through them and life has never been the same for us. I always think you saved us more than we saved you. Thank you for choosing us.

It seems like 5 years with us was a very short time. I still wanted to bring you and Skye to run around the beach. Been wanting to do that for so long. Like to see you, Skye and Mikka running along the shore freely, with no leash just enjoying the breeze by the sea. So sorry that Apache lake was the closest we can do :( But I guess, God has His reasons for taking you this early and maybe it really is time for you to go because you have fulfilled your life's purpose...

It's been a month now since we lost you. We still can't believe you are gone. There is not a single day that I have not thought of you and what could I have done to prevent you from "leaving" us :( I can't seem to stop crying. How can I possibly let you go?

I regret so many things. I regret having shouted at you when you almost knocked the Christmas tree down a day before you left. I regret that I fell asleep after I let you out in the backyard to go potty so you had to wait for daddy for a bit to let you back in. I regret I wasn't able to say and hug you goodnight the night before you left us as I normally do. I regret not letting you lie down on the newly installed carpets in the bedroom because I didn't want it filled with your hair. So many things Chew... I wish I could turn back the time...

I miss your cuddles and hugs, your silly antics whenever you're playing with your toys, seeing you run around being oh so big and furry, you loving your belly rubs, your kisses, you being so content with me brushing your hair without quirms or anything, you being such a gentle dog who always let me go ahead first when we step in or out of the door, I miss you for not pulling whenever we walk and you made sure you walk right next to me.

I miss the complements I get from a lot of people saying you're such a beautiful dog every single time we walk outside. I miss how you sometimes almost get excited with your treats you almost bite my fingers accidentally but when I say it hurts you'd automatically grab your treat very gently next time. I miss your silly dances whenever you get excited that your food is almost ready. I miss the many times that you just let us lay our heads on your big belly. I miss the times when you make me feel that you trust me with all your heart because you don't let anyone else touch the inside of your sensitive ears except for me whenever I clean them. I miss that you try to beat Skye whenever I come home and ask for you both to give me a hug and you hurriedly come running to me first and tuck your head on my arms. I miss the time whenever I ask Mikka to chew her food by saying "Chew!!!" and you'd come rushing thinking I must have called for you....

We miss you a lot Chewy. I know we've been busy a couple of years since Mikka came to our lives and we were not able to bring you to other places other than the parks close to home. My heart aches with regret that I didn't see the signs that you were trying to say goodbye... how can I miss that?

In the morning when I saw you fighting for your life, did you know that I hurried the best I could to get ready to bring you to your vet just before they open? I hope you heard me say that everything's going to be alright and that I love you and for you to please hang in there. It must have been really scary for you going through that... heck I was scared too! I am so sorry my Cbewy that we were not able to bring you to the vet in time... I feel that I failed you... I should have just stayed next to you until we figure things out.

Thank you though for waiting for me and daddy to wake up that morning at least we were able to cuddle you on your last moments. My guardian angel somehow woke me up really early that day so I was able to check on you, put a big blankie on you and I was able to say that I love you one last time (though I didn't know that it was the last time I'd see you alive). After I got ready a few minutes after trying to call the vet so I can bring you there ASAP... I checked on you again... but you were gone. Daddy and I cried like babies non-stop. We couldn't believe seeing you there so lifeless and it dawned to us, you were gone....  It took me sometime to process it and I can't begin to accept that we were too late to save you. You were not responding when we touched you and we know... we know you were gone!!!! You were still so warm and your fur still feel so soft.. we cried and cried and cried and cried our hearts out. December 28, 2011, 6:20am, you went to Heaven.

Thank you for the 5 years of memories with us. Thank you for choosing us to be your forever family. Thank you for letting us love you and having you in our lives. You were a great dog and nothing could ever replace the memories we all shared with you. We know that you are in a happier place now and we take peace knowing that we did our best to give you the best possible 2nd chance at life.

Thank you that even after you were gone, you still find ways to touch our lives. On your supposed to be 8th birthday, on Jan 9, 2012, we found out that daddy and I are having another baby. Maybe I am thinking this too much but in my heart it felt like you didn't want us to be sad on your birthday so the perfect gift of life was revealed to us on the day we could have wallowed with sadness missing you to bits and pieces. Instead, you made your birthday a joyous day for us reminding us to be more thankful with our blessings and for us to celebrate the gift of life.

We love you so much Chewy and know that you will always be a part of us. You will be in our hearts forever.. especially mine. May you Rest In Peace my dearest puppy. You are loved and forever will be. We will always remember you.. my baching-baching...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

My picture wall!!!

Wahoooooo! This thing took me and hubby more than an hour to put together! So much for their claim saying that in 10 mins you'd have a picture wall with the template they provided.

I was going to surprise hubby that I've done it on my own while kiddo was asleep (and hubby at work), but he came home and I was still working on this thing.

It's alright though, I think it's worth the time and effort ;)

Now all I need to do is to put real pictures on them ;) Yay!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Holy cow, my plants are still alive!!!

First time I planted some flowers that lived this long (about a few days). I'm so happy they are thriving ;)

They said that your entry way through your main door has got to be clean, open, inviting and clutter free for good luck... so I cut the old plant by the entryway that was blocking the view of the door from the outside and planted some bright colored flowers instead (see those cut off tree trunks of my previous plants in there?)  ;) I have to get the old plants pulled out from their roots as well. Once they're gone, I'm going to plant  more winter flowers next to these guys.

I think I'm beginning to like "gardening" a bit (if you can even call it that). I have 3 more flower beds in the backyard that's screaming like "hey, you owe me some flowers!"

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Steriods, anyone???

This is by far the most cool looking inhaler I've ever had ;)

Monday, October 31, 2011


This is as close to smoking I could get... ha! I'm at the dr's office with a nebulizer... asthma attack again ;(

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I am floored!!!

Love the new floors! Nope, they are not wood floors (I don't have the time and energy to maintain wood floors... no no no... I'd rather spend that time doing something more meaningful)... yeah, they are T.I.L.E.S!!! Wood grain tiles! No worries with scratching, cleaning, maintaining that come with real wood floors! Hah! Don't get me wrong, wood floors are beautiful. But to me, that's all they are, just beautiful ;) Other than that, everything else especially maintenance is a pain...

These wood grain floors are perfect! You can barely see the dirt on them! Drove me nuts everyday with the almost white floor we used to have and the dark floor we have on the living room... so yeah, I'm so happy happy happy!

I am also liking the wider baseboards they put in ;) They are not painted yet so they look bright white.

Now, we have to deal with choosing the paint... oh man, here we go again... I went through choosing the paint last year when we did our bathroom... hard to decide which one is which... David Bromstad, I need you right here, right now!

Pizza at 2am!

Crap, we passed out super tired of all these work going on in our house. It's 2am, I woke up and realized I wasn't able to prep something for kiddo's lunch.

Whipped up something real quick from the almost empty fridge  and here's the best I could come up with - ham, cheese and pineapple pizza on toasted english muffin.

Oh boy. Here goes nothing.


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